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  • Accessibility and Disability FAQ

    Q.  Where can I read what is in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)? 

    A.  The Accessibility Issues Coordinator and Central Library have copies, plus additional explanatory documents.  A Justice Department website with much ADA information is:  http://www.ada.gov 

    Q.  Does the ADA tell how to build a ramp or renovate a restroom? 

    A.  The law does not contain specifics about architectural accessibility. Minimum requirements for accessible ramps, restrooms, and other architectural features are in regulations of the U.S. Department of Justice, and called ADA Standards for Accessibility Design. 

    Q.  How do I get the ADA enforced at a restaurant, movie theater, day care center and other places of public accommodation? 

    A.  Local governments do not enforce the ADA.  Nationally, it is enforced by federal courts and the U.S. Department of Justice.  California state law allows using the state court system to enforce ADA requirements.  Individual and community efforts to encourage voluntary compliance are often successful. 

    Q.  How do I get the ADA enforced at a City facility or make a request reasonable accommodation for a City service or at a City meeting? 

     A.   Contact the Accessibility Issues Coordinator.  But changes and accommodations can occur often by first contacting staff in charge of the facility, service, or meeting.  

     Q.  How do I make an accessibility complaint about a City facility, service, or employment practice? 

     A.   You may contact any staff or elected official of your choosing, but the City encourages you to contact the Accessibility Issues Coordinator by phone or in writing. 

    Q.  At the Rose Parade, how do I get space in an accessible viewing area? 

    A.  A few wheelchair accessible spots are in grandstands and available for purchase.  At street level, there is free, accessible viewing, including sections with sign language interpretation and audio description, at three points along the Parade.  For information go to:  https://www.tournamentofroses.com/rose-parade/parade-day-guide 

    Q.  How accessible is the Rose Bowl?   

    The Rose Bowl is managed by an independent operating company.  For Information on accessibility and reasonable accommodations go to:  http://www.rosebowlstadium.com/visitor-center/ada 


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