Planning and Community Development Department

Hill and Colorado Planned Development

Project Address  
1336 and 1355 East Colorado Boulevard and 39 North Hill Avenue  
Case Manager  

David Sinclair
Project Description  
The proposed project involves the establishment of a Planned Development District encompassing the two subject sites.  The proposed Planned Development District delineates development standards relative to building setbacks, heights, form, mass, scale, and other design considerations for future development at the site. Based on the proposed development standards, which can be considered to constitute a “development envelope,” the project proponent has set forth a potential development concept for the project site, which is further described in the following paragraphs.  
The potential development concept for the North Parcel includes construction and operation of full-service hotel within an approximate 345,000 square foot building (Building A).  The hotel would include up to 375 guest rooms with related services (312,000 square feet), a ballroom (12,500 square feet), conference rooms (approximately 8,900 square feet) and commercial retail uses (16,400 square feet). Consistent with the proposed Planned Development District standards for varied massing, the building would range in height from a minimum of two stories up to a maximum of five stories (57.5 feet) along the roadway frontages. In the interior of the site, portions of the proposed building would be up to seven stories (77.5 feet). A portion of the roof would have architectural features and rooftop bar and pool, resulting in an overall height of 90 feet. The proposed FAR is 2.71. Two levels of subterranean parking would be provided within the North Parcel to accommodate up to 700 vehicles. Vehicle access to the site would be provided from multiple locations. Along Hill Avenue, a driveway is proposed within proximity of the northern property line. Along East Colorado Boulevard, a driveway serving as the drop-off/pick-up to the hotel, as well as valet service, would be centered approximately 150 feet away from the intersection of East Colorado Boulevard and Hill Avenue. Access to the subterranean parking would also be provided at this location. 
The potential development concept for the South Parcel includes construction and operation of an approximate 90,000 square-foot commercial use building (Building B) that would range from three to four stories in height and have a FAR of 2.79. The building would have a maximum height of 48 feet and provide two levels of subterranean parking with up to 150 parking spaces. The ground floor would encompass approximately 10,000 square feet devoted to, but not limited to, retail, restaurant, and other non-residential uses consistent with the adopted uses allowed within this area of the East Colorado Specific Plan. The remaining approximate 80,000 square feet would be devoted to a hotel with approximately 150 rooms. This building would be setback five feet, as required, from Holliston Avenue with no setback required on East Colorado Boulevard. Vehicle access to the site would be provided by an existing alley located to the rear of the property. 
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Notice of Preparation & Scoping Meeting  
Initial Study 

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