Planning and Community Development Department

Hill and Colorado Planned Development

Project Address  
1336 and 1355 East Colorado Boulevard and 39 North Hill Avenue  
Case Manager  

 Tracy Steinkruger


 UPDATE: The Planning Commission originally considered the proposed project at a public hearing on April 21st, 2016 and recommended that the item be continued to their next regularly scheduled meeting on May 11th, 2016.  This meeting has been cancelled.  Because of this, the public hearing has been rescheduled for June 8th, 2016.  


 Project Description  
 The project site encompasses two noncontiguous parcels, with multiple APN numbers, generally located at 1347-1355 East Colorado Boulevard and 39 North Hill Avenue (North Parcel) and at 1336 East Colorado Boulevard (South Parcel).  The project site is periodically used for vehicles sales and/or storage and as a seasonal sales lot for pumpkin patches and holiday trees.  Prior to 2008, the site was occupied by the former Pasadena Ford dealership.  The automobile showroom facing onto Colorado Boulevard (North Parcel) was determined to be eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.   

The proposed project would develop the North Parcel with a full-service hotel within an approximately 350,000 square foot building.  The hotel would include up to 375 guest rooms (approximately 312,000 square feet) and related services, a ballroom (approximately 12,500 square feet), conference rooms (8,890 square feet), and ground-floor commercial uses (approximately 16,400 square feet).  The maximum building height along roadway frontages would be five stories (58 feet). In the interior of the site, portions of the proposed building would be up to seven stories (78 feet). A portion of the roof would have architectural features and rooftop bar and pool, resulting in an overall height of 90 feet.  Two levels of subterranean parking would be provided to accommodate up to 700 vehicles.  The proposed floor area ratio (FAR) is approximately 2.72.  

The proposed project would develop the South Parcel with a smaller hotel and ground-floor commercial uses totaling 90,000 square feet.  The hotel would include up to 150 guest rooms (approximately 80,000 square feet), have a maximum height of 48 feet, and provide two levels of subterranean parking for up to 150 vehicles.  The ground floor would be occupied by retail, restaurant, and other non-residential uses (approximately 10,000 square feet) consistent with the permitted uses within this area of the East Colorado Specific Plan.  The proposed FAR is
approximately 2.98. 

The proposed project involves the establishment of a Planned Development District encompassing the two subject sites.  The proposed Planned Development District delineates development standards relative to building setbacks, heights, form, mass, scale, and other design considerations for future development at the site. Should the project be approved, the development would be subject to Design Review.   


Planning Commission Public Notice:

  Notice of New Public Hearing Date

  Public Notice 


 Final Environmental Impact Report (Final EIR):  

Final EIR

Draft Environmental Impact Report (Draft EIR):

  Cover and Table of Contents


 Executive Summary

 Section 1.0: Introduction

 Section 2.0: Project Description

 Section 3.1: Overview of Analysis Approach

 Section 3.2: Air Quality

 Section 3.3: Cutural Resources

 Section 3.4: Greenhouse Gases

 Section 3.5: Hazards and Hazardous Materials

 Section 3.6: Hydrology and Water Quality

 Section 3.7: Land Use and Planning

 Section 3.8: Noise and Vibration

 Section 3.9: Public Services (Fire Protection)

 Section 3.10: Transportation and Traffic

 Section 3.11: Utilities and Services Systems

 Section 4.0: Alternatives

 Section 5.0: Other CEQA Considerations

 Section 6.0: References

 Section 7.0: List of Preparers

 Appendix A: Intial Study and Scoping Comments

 Appendix B: Air Quality Calculations

 Appendix C: Cultural Resouces

 Appendix D: GHG Calculations

 Appendix E: Hazards Documents

 Appendix F: Noise and Vibration Analysis

 Appendix G: Traffic Study

 Appendix H: Water Supply Assessment

Additional Documents for Review:  
Notice of Preparation & Scoping Meeting  
Initial Study 

Notice of Availability 

Extension of Public Comment Period for Draft Environmental Impact Report 
































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