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    2009 Outreach Program

  • The Open House Extravaganza!

    Open HouseOver 800 people attended the General Plan Open House extravaganza on November 14, 2009 at a storefront on South Lake Avenue. The event marked the culmination of a six-month community outreach program designed to gather thoughts and ideas from a broad cross-section of the community. The Open House was a celebration, a chance to hear some of the feedback gathered to date and another opportunity to learn about the issues and voice opinions. The event included something for everyone. Activities included a community mural project, interactive exhibits, 3-D City building models, short speaker sessions, live entertainment, children’s projects and food booths.

    Activities included

    Interactive exhibits 

    • General plan exhibits
      Exhibits included a welcome and introduction to the General Plan and more information on elements being updated. Many of the exhibits were interactive and asked for your opinions on the future of Pasadena.
    • 3D city building model
      A large scale interactive model of Pasadena was on display, which invited the public to express and illustrate their vision of city. The model highlighted the area's topography, streets and blocks. Participants used a medley of recycled materials to articulate their urban planning ideas.
    • Community mural project
      People were asked to write or draw their thoughts on Pasadena’s future.  Download the final project below.
    • Virtual Pasadena exhibit
      Visitors saw the city’s flashy new 3D modeling software. Demonstrations included a fly-over of the Central District, the replacement of an existing building with a proposed new building, zoning analyses, and a street level walking tour.

    Short speaker sessions 

    • lcome Keynote Address – Councilmember Terry Tornek
    • What is a General Plan and Why Does it matter? – Julianna Delgado, Ph.D., AICP, Cal Poly Pomona
    • Living Downtown: What Can you Do With a 20 Minute Walk? – Marsha Rood, FAICP, Urban Reinventions
    • There is Not Just One Way to Get Around Pasadena – Fred Dock, Transportation, City of Pasadena
    • What Makes a City Sustainable? – Alice Sterling, Planning and Development, City of Pasadena
    • Place to Enjoy Green Space: From the Arroyo to Neighborhood Gardens – Elise Jackson, Public Works, City of Pasadena

    Live entertainment 

    • The Subs
    • Rose City Ballroom – Dance Studio
    • Ballet Folklorico
    • Ignacio Hernandez
    • Musically Challenged
    • Susana Elena
    • Troubadours of Southern California Lyric Theater

    Interview booth
    Guests were asked to share on camera what they think about Pasadena and its future.  View the final video >>

    Food booths 

    • Lemonade Brigade
    • Trader Joe’s

    List of Sponsors and Participants 

    • Berg Hardware
    • Burkard Nurseries
    • Burrito Express
    • El Cholo Café
    • Heart & Sole
    • Lincoln Avenue Nursery
    • Heritage Wine Company
    • Novel Cafe
    • Perry’s Joint
    • Persson’s Nursery
    • Robek’s
    • Robin’s Wood Fire B-B-Q & Grill
    • Side Street Project
    • Trader Joe’s

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    Photos provided by: Jason Mikaelian, Scott Reimers, Denise Seider, Susan Soto, Jim Oswald, and Stephanie DeWolfe unless otherwise noted.


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