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    Mobility Element Questionnaire Support Materials 

    Before you begin the questionnaire, please take a moment to review the informative documents below for each section in the questionnaire, as well as the Workshop Documents. 

  •  Workshop Documents

  • Mobility Element Questionnaire

    Section A: Bicycle Transportation Plan 

    1. If you currently bike, what streets do you enjoy most for biking? What streets do you tend to avoid when biking? Why?


    2. Are there trips you would like to make by bike in your neighborhood (shopping, school, recreation) but do not feel comfortable riding your bike there?


    3. Which of the following would you be willing to support to encourage the number of bicyclists in Pasadena? (check all that apply)



    Section B: Local Transit Plan 

    1. Which of the following types of transit have you ridden in the last year?


          If applicable, how often? 


          If you ride transit, why do you typically use it? 



    2. Why do you use ARTS? (check all that apply) 



    If you do not use ARTS, what discourages you from using local transit? 


    Section C: Pedestrian Plan 

    1. What streets do you enjoy walking the most in Pasadena? What streets do you tend to avoid? Why?

    2. What can the City do to make walking safer or more enjoyable for you?

    3. How much of a factor is sidewalk width, shade from street trees or street noise when you decide whether or not to walk?


    Section D: Streets Plan 

    1. On a scale from 1 to 5 (1 being not important at all and 5 being extremely important) how important is it for streets to accommodate all modes of transportation? 


    2. Do you support the concept of “de-emphasizing” cars so that streets are more comfortable for walking and biking? 



    3. Which of the following make your street less pleasant to walk or bike on? (check all that apply)  



    Section E: Mobility Element Update 

    1. Do you want the option to be able to get around Pasadena without a car? 


    2. Are you supportive of traffic calming tools like speed humps, roundabouts, one-way streets, dead-ends, etc. for neighborhood protection if they would delay your driving trips through slower speeds and detours?


    Do you feel the new draft Mobility Objectives adequately address all modes of transportation? Are there any concepts or terms you would like to see clarified?




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