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    2009 Outreach Program

  • Young Voices Sharing Their Ideas

    Youth OutreachThroughout the Outreach process, a diverse and active group of youth, aged 13 to 18 from public schools, private schools, and youth service groups citywide, sparked interest and excitement about Pasadena’s General Plan update among the under-20 crowd. The team designed a fun and fast-paced activities to elicit fresh, young ideas on the very same issues adults are considering: what do we love most about Pasadena, what would we like to see changed, and what is most important for our city’s future success?

    Art & 3D

    The Pasadena Permit Center hosted a student art exhibit in partnership with the Armory Center for the Arts. A dozen inventive students created 3D, sculptural visions for Pasadena during an Armory class on architecture. The students were also treated to an evening reception, as well as commendations from the city council.

    James Rojas, an expert in U.S. Latino cultural influences on urban design, engaged teens across the city in a fun exercise that was half art, half city planning. The teens created 3D models of city buildings using recycled trinkets.

    Slam Books

    Remember the “slam books” we passed from friend to friend in middle school, documenting our answers to intriguing questions? They got their name when we “slammed” them shut, hiding our scrawls from unsuspecting teachers. Youth groups experimented with the slam book phenomenon this fall, passing notebooks around the city to collect comments on Pasadena’s future from the next generation. The pages came back covered with drawings, greetings and, most important, great input! The slam books were displayed at the November Open House and the written contents were included in the Outreach Summary Report appendix

    Pasadena Stories

    In T-shirts and shorts, with cameras in hand, a team of young filmmakers, aged 13 to 18, roamed the city capturing “Pasadena Stories” as part of the 2009 General Plan Update. They interviewed Pasadenans, asking what do we love most about Pasadena? What would we like to change? Why should we all care?

    Gold Line MoveAbout Tour

    memorial stationOn August 19, 2009, 22 high school and middle school students and several adults recruited from a variety of local schools, non-profit organizations, religious institutions, and community groups volunteered a hot summer day to take a youth version of the Gold Line MoveAbout tour. They gave Pasadena City staff members, Metro officials, and other adult volunteers their opinions on important topics such as the value of living near public transportation, the placement of open space, parks, and businesses, and the aesthetics of local art and architecture.

    From their meeting point at Del Mar Gold Line Station, these teens were given cameras, name tags, pens, and booklets in which they answered questions and wrote insightful comments about what works and what could be improved in Pasadena. As they moved from station to station, got out and walked around, and examined the environment, they were asked to take photographs of things they liked and didn’t like – horizontal shots of the “good” and vertical shots of the “bad”.  

    Visit "MoveAbouts" for or more informaiton about the MoveAbout Tour >>



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    Photos provided by: Jason Mikaelian, Scott Reimers, Denise Seider, Susan Soto, Jim Oswald, and Stephanie DeWolfe unless otherwise noted.


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