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    The Pasadena Fire Department will be instituting a program called the "Vial of Life." Vial of Life is a program that was started a number of years ago by the American Heart Association and has great success, as a result the Pasadena Fire Department has elected to adopt the program for its citizens. The program entails a magnet, vial, and medical reference sheet, all of which will be handed out to all citizens at no cost. The program works by the user putting the issued magnet on the refrigerator; this alerts Fire personnel when responding to an emergency that there is a vial with a medical reference sheet inside. The reference sheet will have all pertinent information such as: medical history, medications, allergies, DNR, PMD, pertinent phone numbers and insurance information. This information not only benefits the user by keeping all medical history organized, but also helps prehospital personnel make treatment and transport decisions in the event of a critical emergency when patients are unable to give valuable information. This program will also be valuable to ER personnel, allowing a complete and thorough reference of all the patient’s medical conditions and insurance information for administrators. We as a department feel that this program will increase our patient care and continuation of care at the hospital for our citizens.


    Where do I get the Vial and its materials?

    You can pick up the vial, magnet and medical form from any Pasadena fire station, Fire Department Administration building, or when fire personnel respond to your home for an emergency. For these addresses and phone numbers please see the station directory on the fire departments website.

    How does the program work?

    Once you obtain the necessary materials from the fire department you are ready to begin. Place the magnet on your refrigerator for visibility so fire personnel can see it on an emergency. Next remove the medical reference sheet from the vial and fill it out completely. Fold the form back up and place it in the vial. Place the vial in your refrigerator in a visible place for fire personnel to see. Make sure you update the form anytime new information is received.

    For any other questions you can contact or visit your local fire station or contact: Pasadena Fire Department Administration: (626) 744-4655 http://www.cityofpasadena.net/fire/

    Download the "Vial of Life" Medical Form below:

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    Vial of Life
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