• Pasadena Fire Department

Pasadena Fire Department

  • Public Outreach

    For further information on any programs below, please contact the Pasadena Fire Department at (626) 744-4675.

  • Burn Quest

    Burn Quest Logo(2) Every year the Pasadena Firefighters Association donates money to the Quest, which raises money to assist burn survivors. The Pasadena Fire Department participates by providing a support vehicle for the rally. http://www.firefightersquest.org/  

  • Explorer Program

    Consistent with the Department’s Strategic Plan, this program is also being revamped. This is a career guidance and development program sponsored and administered by the Pasadena Fire Department. The program has been in operation for 25 years. This program is an extension of the "Learning for Life” career education program with a special emphasis on fire service.

  • Kids Safety Academy

    This program is geared towards general fire safety for children and their parents. The children come to a fire station, receive a station tour, review general fire safety in a classroom setting and most importantly, experience real life situations in our Fire Safety Trailer.

  • Pasadena Fire Department Designates Fire Stations as “Safe Haven” Sites For Surrender of Newborn Infants

    Safe Haven The Pasadena Fire Department and City of Pasadena passed a resolution designating fire stations as “Safe Haven” sites for the surrender of newborn infants. In 2001, the California Safe Haven Law was enacted to allow a surrendering adult to leave their newborn at a hospital emergency room within 72 hours of birth without fear of prosecution. Recently, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and Pasadena City Council designated eight Pasadena Fire Stations as “Safe Haven” sites.
    A Safe Haven surrender is when a parent (or other person having lawful custody of a minor) 72 hours old or younger, voluntarily surrenders physical custody to any firefighter on duty at a Pasadena fire station. Under certain circumstances, they may do so discreetly without fear of being prosecuted for child abandonment. The firefighters assess the infant for any immediate medical needs then transport them to a local hospital.
    All Pasadena fire stations now have Safe Haven Surrender signage and have been issued approved County of Los Angeles Newborn Safe Surrender Kits which contains a family medical history questionnaire, a fact sheet and a copy of the coded and a confidential ankle bracelet which is placed on the infant.

  • Public Education

    The Pasadena Fire Department educated approximately 15000 to 20000 citizens every year in; Disaster preparedness, fire extinguisher training, fire station visits, Etc. The “Learn Not to Burn” program reaches all the Public and some private schools every year K-6th grades.

    View the City's Disaster Preparedness Information >> 

    Freddie the Fire Truck

    Freddie the Fire Truck(2) Freddie the Fire Truck is an exciting new tool for teaching fire safety. A fully animated robot, Freddie moves, speaks, plays, audio cassette tapes and sounds his siren, all by remote control. He can wink and blink and move his eyes and with his smiling mouth he presents a positive and friendly image to young and old alike. 

    Metropolitan Incident Response Vehicle (MIRV)

    The Metropolitan Incident Response Vehicle (MIRV) is equipped with a cache of equipment and supplies to handle a large scale disaster. It is designed for any large incident where the need might arise for decontamination of a large number of people.

  • Safe House Program

    All eight Pasadena fire stations are part of the Safe House program where any child may go for safety or assistance when they encounter a threat or other emergency. They are marked with a distinctive yellow and white triangle placard.

  • Youth Safety Academy

    Is a one week program geared toward high school students from the ages of 14-18. It provides teenagers the opportunity to receive guidance for career development and it gives them a great outlook and perspective in protecting themselves and their families through hands-on training.

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