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  • Nuisance Alarm Inspections


    • To reduce and work to eliminate unwanted and unnecessary fire system activations.
    • Discretion of company officer


    The purpose of the Nuisance Alarm Program is to encourage business owners and fire alarm companies to properly use and maintain the operational effectiveness of fire alarm systems in order to improve the reliability and reduce or eliminate nuisance alarms. This program governs fire alarm systems intended to summon fire department personnel. It gives the fire department the ability to assess a fee for excessive false alarms and nuisance alarms within a calendar year.

    A false alarm or nuisance alarm means the activation of any fire alarm system, which results in the response by the fire department, caused by mechanical failure, malfunction, malicious intent, improper installation, lack of proper maintenance or any response for which the fire department personnel are unable to determine the apparent cause of the fire alarm activation. In addition, it covers responses caused by negligent action on the part of building occupants, owners, security personnel, maintenance workers or other contact workers hired by the building owners or occupants.

    No fee shall be assessed for the first three (3) false alarms at the same premise responded to by the fire department during each calendar year. Thereafter, the owner shall pay a fee that has been mandated by the City of Pasadena City Council.

    Procedures:  Fire False Alarm or Nuisance Fire Alarm

    1. In the event the on scene fire official deems the activation of the fire alarm system a false alarm or nuisance alarm, the building owner or responsible party shall be served with a Notice of Nuisance Alarm.
      • If for any reason, the building owner or responsible party is not present at the time of activations the fire company shall conduct a follow up inspection to the location during normal business hours to meet with the building owner or responsible party.
      • The Notice of Nuisance Alarm should include:
      • Correct Location of Alarm
      • Incident Number
      • Time of Alarm
      • Fire Company Responded
      • Type of Alarm NFIRS Codes
      • Brief Narrative
      • Signature of Company Officer
    2. Notice of Nuisance Alarm. Routing
      • Copy to owner/responsible party/left on scene
      • Copy to Fire Company Station File
      • Copy sent to Fire and Environmental Safety Division

    Download the Nuisance Alarm Inspection Notice below:

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