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Pasadena Fire Department

  • Emergency Response

  • Fire Response

    The Pasadena Fire Department Operations Division consists of 147 of the departments 175 allocated personnel. The personnel are divided between three shifts/platoons (A, B, C) of 49 personnel staffing engines, trucks and rescue ambulances; that total also includes one platoon commander (battalion chief) per shift.

    The emergency units respond from eight strategic locations within the City 24 hours per day, each and every day. Personnel work a 24 hour schedule, starting at 7 am until 7 am the next morning.

    They responded to 15,284 emergency responses in 2005. The responses were for 2,940 fire responses, 11,324 medical responses and 1,020 additional responses. Additional responses include Hazardous Materials incidents, Urban Search and Rescue incidents, and general public assists.
    In addition to the large number of emergency responses personnel assigned to Operations also conduct fire prevention inspections, public education demonstrations, hydrant maintenance, station maintenance and a minimum 2 hours of training daily.

  • About Emergency Medical Services

    Rescue Ambulances or RA's are dispatched through the 9-1-1 system and are staffed by Firefighter \ Paramedics who are licensed by the State of California and accredited by the Los Angeles County EMS (Emergency Medical Service) Authority. In the City of Pasadena, a 911 call for medical assistance receives a paramedic ambulance and a fire engine or truck, whichever is closest. This level of response provides a minimum of two paramedics and four firefighters to every call for service, which exceeds the minimum national standards for medical incidents. In addition to the four paramedic rescue ambulances, Pasadena Fire also provides four reserve ambulances available for immediate use, and has at least one paramedic assigned to every engine and truck company, commonly referred to as ”Assessment” units. Currently Pasadena Fire has eight Assessment engines and two Assessment truck companies strategically located throughout the city. This provides a third paramedic at the scene to assist with advanced life support. Assessment personnel can initiate advanced life support procedures prior to rescue ambulance arrival.

    The County of Los Angeles regulates the ambulance industry and sets the mandated rates, which include a base rate, mileage and disposable medical supplies. For more information, call (626) 744-4655.


  • Heavy Rescue Program - Urban Search & Rescue (USAR)

    Urban Search and Rescue Team are experts in the fields of collapsed building, trench and confined space rescue. The team is rated as a Type 1 Heavy Rescue, which is the highest standard for Urban Search & Rescue that receive certification from the State of California Office of Emergency Services

  • Bike Team

    The Bike Team allows for quick access of medical personnel at densely populated events thought the city in such venues as the Tournament of Roses Parade, Rose Bowl and Old Town Pasadena.

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