• Pasadena Fire Department

Pasadena Fire Department

  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

    Provides 24 hour emergency paramedic ambulance response; treatment and transportation of ill and injured in Pasadena; planning and staffing of medical coverage for special events; and related activities. Emergency medical response is performed together with Fire Operations. 

  • About Emergency Medical Services

    Rescue Ambulances or RA's are dispatched through the 9-1-1 system and are staffed by Firefighter \ Paramedics who are licensed by the State of California and accredited by the Los Angeles County EMS (Emergency Medical Service) Authority. In the City of Pasadena, a 911 call for medical assistance receives a paramedic ambulance and a fire engine or truck, whichever is closest. This level of response provides a minimum of two paramedics and four firefighters to every call for service, which exceeds the minimum national standards for medical incidents. In addition to the four paramedic rescue ambulances, Pasadena Fire also provides four reserve ambulances available for immediate use, and has at least one paramedic assigned to every engine and truck company, commonly referred to as ”Assessment” units. Currently Pasadena Fire has eight Assessment engines and two Assessment truck companies strategically located throughout the city. This provides a third paramedic at the scene to assist with advanced life support. Assessment personnel can initiate advanced life support procedures prior to rescue ambulance arrival.

    The County of Los Angeles regulates the ambulance industry and sets the mandated rates, which include a base rate, mileage and disposable medical supplies. For more information, call (626) 744-4655.


  • Emergency Medical Reserves Program

    The Pasadena Fire Department is looking for volunteers that are currently certified as EMT-1A to apply to our Emergency Medical Reserves program.  This program augments EMS service in that the "EMSR" rides as the third person to assist paramedics in the field, and at special events such as the Rose Bowl games and Rose Parade.  If you are interested in the valuable program please email info@emsr.org

    Find out more about EMS-Reserves >>

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