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  • Fire Chief Recruitment Community Survey

    The City has initiated a recruitment for a new Fire Chief.  City Manager Michael Beck is interested in obtaining feedback from the community to guide our recruitment and selection strategies.  All of the comments submitted will be provided to Mr. Beck for his consideration in making this important decision for our community.  Please take a few moments to respond to our brief survey.


    1.  What top three leadership qualities and characteristics are most important for Pasadena to look for in selecting a new Fire Chief? 



    2.  What top three priorities would you like the new Fire Chief to address during his/her first year on the job? 


    3.  What would you like potential candidates to know about our community? 


    4.  Are there other things you would like the City to consider in recruiting a new Fire Chief?  


    5.  Are you a resident of Pasadena?  

    6.  Are you a City of Pasadena employee?


    7.  Contact information (Optional) 

    Name    First     Last   
    City      State   Zip   


    Thank you for your participation!