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Glen Summer Proposal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the intended use of the property at 159 Glen Summer Road?

To house two Fire personnel; a Fire Captain/Paramedic and Firefighter/Paramedic 24/7 with a Rescue Ambulance (RA) staged in the driveway. This RA would be an additional resource and marked and identified as RA 39. There would be no public office for walk-ups.


Have neighbors been notified of the proposed site?

A Fire Chief Officer visited several Glen Summer residents on December 24th to discuss the proposed use of the property. Within a few days, a letter from the Fire Chief was sent to over 57 residents on Glen Summer notifying them of an informal meeting on Saturday, January 7th to discuss the site configuration and use.


Why a Rescue Ambulance instead of a Fire Engine?

The Fire Department has not been able to identify an available residential or commercial property that could accommodate a fire engine or its four person crew. Recognizing that on average, 75% of the calls in District 39 are medical, the placement of an RA is an appropriate alternative solution. The smaller vehicle and crew could be safely accommodated at the proposed location.


What about Fire Protection west of the Arroyo?

Station 38 is west of the Arroyo where an Engine and Patrol unit are housed. Mutual and Automatic Aid has proven to be very effective from our neighboring jurisdictions in addition to coverage from our other Pasadena Stations.


How long is this temporary solution?

This is a temporary solution until the retrofit construction of Station 39 is finalized, which is anticipated by the end of 2013 or early 2014. The architect is already working on the retrofit and the City Council has appropriated funding to complete the project.


What modifications will be made to the property?

The driveway of the home would need slight modifications (widening)


Will there be restricted parking on Glen Summer Road because of the narrow road?

No, the turning radius of the RA is sufficient and has been tested.


What steps has the City taken to find a temporary solution?

City staff has explored hundreds of properties (residential and commercial) and followed-up on numerous suggestions from residents. This is our most viable solution since none of the other properties proved to be viable.


IS a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) required?

A CUP is required for a fire station or similar use that exceeds 12 months. The RA can be housed and operated at the subject site while a CUP is in process, provided the use does not continue past 12 months without an approved CUP. A CUP details a clear description of how the temporary site will operate as well as an analysis of the potential environmental impacts, in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The CUP application is considered by a Hearing Officer at a publicly noticed hearing.


What is the status of the current Station 39 facility?

City Council has appropriated funds for the construction of the existing Station 39 property. An architect has been retained and the goal is to have construction completed before the end of 2013 or early 2014.


How is the construction of Station 39 being funded?

A new Station from the ground up is estimated to cost $5M plus the cost of any additional property and the retrofit is estimated to cost about $2.5M. Funding has been re-allocated from other capital improvement projects to complete this project. Funding for a new station was not possible at this time given the City’s limited resources in the current economy.


How will the lights and sirens affect my neighborhood?

Station 39 receives an average of two calls per day. Most of our Stations are adjacent to residential neighborhoods, schools and parks. Fire personnel appreciate and respect they are part of the community and are careful and experienced in driving through neighborhoods. Sirens and lights are used conservatively in residential neighborhoods and as traffic conditions warrant. The Fire Department prides itself on working with the residents to address concerns that arise from their operations in order to be good neighbors,.


Do emergency vehicles have to abide to speed limits?

Emergency vehicles are required to follow all posted speed limits. Lights and sirens “warn” other traffic to yield, and extreme caution is always exercised when clearing intersections.


How will residents be informed of the next steps?

A roster captured the contact information for neighbors at the Glen Summer meeting. Additionally, a District wide announcement will be sent when a final decision has been made regarding the temporary Fire Department use of the Glen Summer property.

Posted: 1/18/2012 10:35:00 AM
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