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Pasadena Police Rescue Man From Dog Attack

Pasadena Police Rescue Man From Dog Attack

PASADENA, Calif.–On January 29, 2014, shortly after 5:00 a.m., a female in the 1400 block of North Fair Oaks Avenue phoned the Pasadena Police Department requesting assistance for a male being attacked by three (3) dogs. The witness reported the dogs had been dragging the male who broke free and took refuge on top of a vehicle parked on Fair Oaks Avenue. The dogs remained nearby, pacing beside the vehicle.

Pasadena Police responded and located victim-Andrew Ross (male-37 and Pasadena resident) still on top of the car. Mr. Ross pointed out the three dogs standing on the sidewalk north of them. When officers illuminate the dogs, they quickly walked south on the east sidewalk but then turned and aggressively approached the officers, barking and growling. As the dogs drew closer, one officer discharged his shotgun multiple times striking the three dogs. One dog immediately fell to the ground and the other two dogs ran south. The two dogs were located nearby and taken into custody by Animal Control. One dog died at the scene and the two other dogs sustained injuries and are receiving veterinary services. The dogs did not have dog tags and their owner is unknown.

Officers learned that Mr. Ross had been walking his bike southbound on Fair Oaks Avenue when the three dogs (Pitt Bulls or Pitt Bull mix) charged him from across the street. Mr. Ross tried to position his bicycle between him and the three attacking dogs attempting to bit his legs. At least one dog did make contact with Mr. Ross’s left leg, resulting in minor puncture wounds. Ultimately, Mr. Ross dropped his bicycle and jumped onto the hood of a vehicle parked on Fair Oaks Avenue. He remained there until officers arrived and the dogs were no longer a threat.

Police Chief Phillip Sanchez stated, “It was very fortunate the victim was not badly injured by the attacking dogs. If the animals had been properly secured, this might not have happen. In this instance the officer’s quick actions prevented anyone else from being harmed.”
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Posted: 1/29/2014 11:00:00 AM
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