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Mayor Attends League of California Cities Annual Meeting

Mayor Attends League of California Cities Annual Meeting


PASADENA, Calif.—Mayor Bill Bogaard was among nearly 1,800 city officials from throughout California who attended the 115th Annual Conference of the League of California Cities, Sept. 18–20, 2013 in Sacramento.  City officials attended the three-day conference to see and learn from experts about new resources and opportunities to help solve critical issues facing California’s cities. 

“We have a history that goes back 115 years to when a group of city officials first came together to form the League with a mission to give California cities a voice in Sacramento,” said Mayor Bogaard, who served as the League’s President of the Board of Directors during 2012-2013.   

“They understood the strength of joint efforts and the importance of a forum where city officials can share and learn about best practices. Our voice remains strong today and this conference was a key opportunity to sharpen our skills as leaders,” Bogaard said. 

Bogaard and other attendees were briefed on the recent conclusion of the 2013 California Legislative session, including bills affecting cities, as well as a wide range of issues including economic development, infrastructure, municipal finance, land use, ethics, the environment and sustainability. 

“The League’s annual conference is a convenient way to bring together city leaders from throughout our great state to one location where we can all learn together from the leading experts of the day on issues that our cities grapple with on a daily basis,” Bogaard said.  

Keynote speakers at the conference were Erik Wahl, the author of UNThink on the art of vision and Dr. Lowell Catlett, a futurist who spoke on the evolving role of cities.  Attendees participated in approximately 40 breakout sessions covering all aspects of local government.  

An exposition introduced attendees to vendors who offer innovative products and services to help city officials supply the services needed by city residents and businesses with improved products and services. 

“California as a whole can only be stronger when our cities are strong.  Our members are vitally important to ensuring that the voice of cities is represented in Sacramento.  I am inspired by the dedication of California city officials and the League exists to support the work of cities,” said League Executive Director Chris McKenzie.  

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