Touching Base: A Message from the Chief (05/11/14)

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May 11, 2014



Dear Community& Department Personnel: 

Happy Mother’s Day!  

For your information:  

On May 15, at 10:00 a.m., the Pasadena Police and Fire Departments will honor our first responders who died in the line of duty serving our great community.  The 3rd Annual Police and Fire Memorial Ceremony will be held at City Hall, Centennial Square.  The memorial is free and open to the public. In the past, several family members of our fallen heroes have attended the memorial to remember and reconnect with the City of Pasadena.  For more information, please contact Pasadena Police Sergeant John Luna (626-744-7694; email at jluna@cityofpasadena.net) or Pasadena Fire Captain David Watson (626-793-1127; email at dwatson@cityofpasadena.net).  The program will last about one hour. 

On May 29, from 1 – 3:00 p.m., the Pasadena Police and Fire Departments will host the “Inaugural Police, Fire, and Citizen Award Ceremony,” at the Ambassador Auditorium, 131 South St. John Avenue, Pasadena.  The ceremony is designed to recognize our public safety officials and citizens who performed above and beyond the call of duty.  The event is free and open to the public.  For questions, please contact Officer Sean Dawkins, (626) 744-4282, or sdawkins@cityofpasadena.net, or Peggy Palmer, (626) 744-4776, or ppalmer@cityofpasadena.net. Please consider spending a few hours with your first responders and hero citizens to honor their efforts to safeguard our great community.  

Our Community:  

On May 1, several Pasadena Police employees attended the National Day of Prayer, which was hosted at the Rose Bowl.  I understand the event was well organized and religious leaders from throughout the region attended.                                                                                                                                 

On May 5, Mayor Bill Bogaard and I attended the Court-Clergy Conference, which was hosted by Fuller Theological Seminary.  The event was very well attended by local and state officials.  There were several speakers and Mayor Bogaard provided brief remarks.  The focus of the conference was to provide an overview of the Superior Courts and their efforts to collaborate with local communities (Photos @PPDChiefSanchez). 

On May 7, several Pasadena Police officers, employees, and community members traveled to San Pablo to participate in the Badge-Pinning for Chief Lisa Rosales.  The ceremony was well attended by San Pablo employees, community members, and elected officials.  The San Pablo City Clerk administered the “Oath of Office,” and Lisa’s Family pinned her badge.  Lisa served Pasadena for 27 years prior to her selection as San Pablo’s Chief of Police.  

On May 7, Lieutenants John Dewar and Ed Calatayud attended the Pasadena Educational Foundation, which hosted its 2014 Spring Event at City Hall.  Patrick J. Conyers, Executive Director, and William E. Thomas, President of the Pasadena Educational Foundation, provided welcoming remarks to a host of sponsors and PEF friends, all gathered to honor two extraordinary people for their commitment to enhancing public education.  Mayor Bill Bogaard received the PEF’s “Exemplary Service Award” for creating learning opportunities for everyone in our community through a non-profit collaborative he co-founded; “Pasadena: City of Learning.”  Edward James Olmos, Actor/Activist was honored by PEF with the “Trailblazer Award” for his lifelong commitment to drawing attention to humanitarian and educational causes in a quest to enhance the lives of disadvantaged youth. Mr. Olmos is recognized for establishing non-profits such as Latino Literacy Now, which produces Latino Books & Family Festivals across the country to unite people in the spirit of learning.   

On May 7, Deputy Chief Qualls attended the South Pasadena Police Department’s 2014 Awards Luncheon and Ceremony.  The event was well attended by law enforcement officials from throughout the region to celebrate the South Pasadena First Responders.  

On May 9, several elected officials, public safety officers, and community members gathered at the Tournament House for the announcement of the 2015 Tournament of Rose Parade Grand Marshal.  2015 T of R President Rich Chinen slowly and deliberately provided clues about the Grand Marshal as on-lookers attempted to guess his name.  As anticipation build, Rich welcomed Grand Marshal Louis Zamperini to the stage. Louis is a war hero and Olympian and will preside over the 126th Rose Parade.  http://ktla.com/2014/05/09/louis-zamperini-wwii-prisoner-of-war-survivor-named-grand-marshal-of-2015-rose-parade/#axzz31Fg5CWeP (Photos @PPDChiefSanchez).  

On May 10, several Pasadena Police officers, employees and volunteers attended Councilmember Steve Madison’s Annual Picnic, which was held at Linda Vista Park.  The event was well attended.  There was a static show featuring emergency equipment from the police and fire departments (Photos @PPDChiefSanchez). 

On May 10, several Pasadena Police officers and PAL Students attended the Bright Futures Scholars Graduation, which was hosted at the Pasadena Convention Center. The event was packed with graduates, family, friends, community members, and local officials. There were several elected officials, pastors, city employees, and superior court judges – all who serve as mentors in the Bright Futures Scholars program. Dr. Sandra Thomas is the CEO and founder of Bright Futures Scholars, which is an enrichment program designed to prepare our local youth for the future (Photos @PPDChiefSanchez). 

Pasadena’s Finest:  

On April 11, I received an email from a local community member commending the Traffic Section of the Pasadena Police Department for providing extra enforcement patrols in the area of Pasadena Avenue between California and Columbia.  The author wrote, “… I recently moved to Pasadena and always thought that street to be very dangerous, now I feel safer…”  

On April 21, I received an email from CPA Participant Judy Kent commending Pasadena Police Officer Brian Petrella for creating a special experience during a police ride-along.  All CPA class participants have the opportunity to ride-along with a Pasadena Police Officer.  To learn more about the CPA or apply, please visit: http://www.cityofpasadena.net/Police.  

On April 23, the Pasadena Police Honor Guard presented the Colors at the 2014 City Clerks Association of California Annual Conference, which was held at the Pasadena Hilton. The honor Guard consisted of Officers Anthony Riley, Ralph Ordonez, and Domino Scott.  

On April 24, I received a copy of an email from CPA Participant Cynthia Schick commending Pasadena Police Officer Shannon Reece for creating an exceptional experience during a police ride-along.  Everyone participating in the Citizens Police Academy participates in a ride-along with our officers. To learn more about the CPA or apply, please visit: http://www.cityofpasadena.net/Police.  

On May 3, I received a copy of an email from a local community member commending Pasadena Police Officer Eric Butler for his compassion and professionalism.  Eric assisted an elderly man who was apparently lost and suffering from dementia.   The author wrote, “… I want him [Eric Butler] to be my son.”  

On May 5, Pasadena Police Corporals Robert Mercado and Anthony Burgess, and Officers Nick Cheung and Daniel Morris attended a Police Officer Memorial Service in Sacramento.  Hundreds of uniformed officers attended the ceremony, which was designed to honor those CA Law Enforcement officers who were killed in the line of duty.   

On May 8, several local elected officials, city staff members, and community members gathered at the 2d Battalion, 23d Marines for an Adoption Ceremony.  Mayor Bill Bogaard provided brief remarks and presented a framed proclamation to Marine Lt. Col. Day, Commanding Officer 23rd Marines.  In turn, Col. Day presented the mayor with a framed award to commemorate the official adoption of the Marines by the City of Pasadena.  During the same ceremony, Mayor Bogaard, CMDR Perez, Fire Chief Wells and I received the ESGR Award for supporting our United State Military Reservists.  The Pasadena Police Department has several officers who also serve in the United States Armed Forces (Photos @PPDChiefSanchez).  

On May 10, I received an email from a community member commending Pasadena Police Sergeant Katherine Jorge for her professionalism and effectiveness. The author wrote, “…In closing, please be aware that Sergeant Jorge appears to be a very concerned, knowledgeable, and effective Sergeant. I appreciate her attempt to help and you should be proud to have her on the Pasadena Police Force…”  

Critical Incidents:  

On May 5 at about 2:30 p.m., Pasadena Police officers responded to the area below the Colorado Street Bridge regarding a dead body.  Our preliminary investigation indicates that a Male White, 65 years (Los Angeles Resident), was standing on the Colorado Street Bridge when he was approached by a Good Samaritan. The Good Samaritan started talking with the victim who said he intended to commit suicide by jumping from the bridge.  The Samaritan retreated from the immediate area to get some water for the victim and when he returned the victim had already jumped.  Pasadena Fire Department personnel were nearby (at the Fire Academy) and responded quickly to the scene.  The victim was pronounced dead and the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office was notified.  There is no foul play associated with this incident.  

On May 8 at about 9:50 a.m., a Female Hispanic, 45 (Pasadena Resident), was walking by the Police Department (on the Garfield Avenue side of the building). Without warning or provocation, she picked up a large rock and threw it at the police building.  The rock struck a first floor window breaking the glass.  A police sergeant was seated at his workstation and was injured by the glass shards from the broken window.  The injured sergeant immediately left his workstation, ran out onto Garfield Avenue and detained the suspect. Other PPD officers assisted with the contact and the suspect was subsequently arrested without further incident. The sergeant was medically treated at the police station and immediately returned to his duties.  

On May 9 at about 12:03 a.m. Pasadena Police officers responded to the area of Del Vina and Eaton Drive regarding an Assault with a Deadly Weapon Investigation.  On arrival officers talked with the victim who said he was driving his motorcycle north on the 100 freeway when he noticed a vehicle approaching very quickly from behind him.  The suspect vehicle struck the motorcyclists causing to crash.  The suspect vehicle fled the location; however, a short time later reappeared near Del Vina Street and Eaton Drive.  The suspect exited his vehicle and confronted the motorcyclists.  The suspect approached the victim striking him with large piece of wood. A suspect emerged from the car and threatened to kill the victim.  The suspects were subsequently arrested by PPD officers with no further incident and book at the Pasadena jail.  

On May 9, just before midnight, Pasadena Police officers responded to the 800 block of Orange Grove Boulevard regarding an armed robbery investigation.  On arrival, officers learned that the suspect entered a restaurant on Orange Grove and grabbed the cashier by her wrist.  The suspect then pointed a firearm at the victim and demanded money.  Fearing for her safety, the victim gave the suspect US currency from the register.  As the suspect was preparing to leave the restaurant, a customer confronted him.  The suspect fired one shot, which struck the floor, causing the round to fragment.  One of the fragments struck a customer in the upper back area causing minor injuries (the fragment did not break the skin). The suspect then fled the restaurant. Our investigation is on-going.  If you have any information about this incident, please call the Pasadena Police Department, Criminal Investigations Section at (626)744-4241. 

On May 10 at about 4:40 a.m., Pasadena Police officers responded to the area of Lincoln and Orange Grove regarding an Assault with a Deadly Weapon Investigation.  On arrival, officers located a Male Black, 25 (Pasadena Resident), suffering from a single gunshot wound (upper right back).  The victim said he was riding his bicycle in the area of Orange Grove Boulevard and Lincoln Avenue when he heard what he thought was a gunshot coming from a vehicle behind him.  The victim said he felt a sharp pain and thought he had been shot.  Officers called PFD and paramedics subsequently transported the victim to a local hospital for medical treatment.  Our investigation is ongoing.  If you have any information about this incident, please call the Pasadena Police Department, Criminal Investigations Section at (626)744-4241. 


Phillip L. Sanchez, Chief of Police
Pasadena Police Department
207 N. Garfield Ave., Pasadena, CA 91101
Office: (626) 744-4545
Mission First, People Always



Posted: 5/11/2014 09:40:00 AM
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