January 2014 Highlights


JAN. 4 

PD-1 responded to the area of Garfield Ave. and Alhambra Rd. regarding a vehicle pursuit of a suspect threatening employees at the Home Depot.  PD-1 arrived over the pursuit and the Air Crew immediately took over control of the pursuit from patrol units.  PD-1 and patrol units pursed the suspect for approximately 10 minutes till he entered the 10 Freeway.  During the pursuit patrol units were able to identify the driver.  Subsequently, in the interest of public safety the pursuit was cancelled.  The suspect was later arrested.  

JAN. 9 

PD-1 responded to the 200 Block of North Sunset in the City of Monrovia regarding an unknown male in the callers backyard.  PD-1 arrived on scene and Air Crew members located a male matching the description running from the area.  Air Crew members directed patrol units to the male and he was detained.  The male was arrested for outstanding warrants.  No evidence of a crime was located at the original scene. 

JAN. 9 

PD-1 responded to the 9800 Block of Pioneer Blvd. in the City of Whittier regarding a possible burglary at business.  PD-1 arrived on scene and saw patrol units had contained the business.  Air Crew members using the nightsun and binoculars, located the suspect hiding on the roof of the business.  The suspect attempted to conceal himself under tree branches near the roofs ledge.  Air Crew members used the helicopters PA system to give the suspect orders.  The suspect complied with the orders and climbed down from the roof.  There were no signs of burglary at the location; however, the suspect was arrested for felony vandalism. 

JAN. 17 

PD-1 responded to the area of Fair Oaks Ave. and Washington Blvd. regarding a group of males seen with a firearm.  When PD-1 and patrol units arrived on scene, the group of males fled the area on foot into the Kings Villages housing complex.  Air Crew members kept a constant eye on the group and followed them till they entered an apartment.  Crew members directed patrol units to the apartment and contained it.  Patrol officers then contacted the group inside the apartment.  No firearm was located; however one subject was arrested for an unrelated charge. 

JAN. 17 

PD-1 responded to the area of Lincoln Ave. and Harriet St. to assist the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department with a vehicle pursuit.  The pursuit ended prior to the Air Crew arriving on scene; however the occupants of the vehicle fled on foot.  Crew member located one suspect running on foot in the area and directed patrol units to him.  He was arrested without incident.  The second suspect was also located a short distance away.  Both suspects were arrested. 

JAN. 18 

PD-1 responded to the area of 200 S. Grand Ave in the City of Glendora regarding a man with a gun.  The suspect was known to the victim and was able to provide patrol units with the suspect vehicle’s license plate.  The Air Crew arrived in the area and checked for the suspect but he was not located.  The Air Crew responded to the residence in the City of Pomona where the suspect vehicle was registered.  The Air Crew located the suspect vehicle parked in the driveway of the residence.  Crew members coordinated resources from the Pomona and Glendora Police Departments.  Patrol Officers from both agencies contacted the suspect at the residence and detained him without incident.  The suspect was arrested for domestic violence. 

JAN. 23 

PD-1 responded to the area of 500 N. 3rd Ave. regarding a male who ran on foot from officers.  Air crew members assisted patrol units in establishing a containment around an apartment complex where the male was last seen.  While checking the apartment complex with the FLIR camera, Crew members located the suspect hiding on the roof of the apartment building.  The suspect was attempting to conceal himself under the air conditioner unit on the roof.  The crew directed patrol units to the suspect and he was detained without incident.  The suspect was arrested for possession of a dangerous weapon. 

JAN. 25 

PD-1 responded to the 300 Block of East Colorado Blvd. regarding a female attempting to pay using a fake travelers check.  Prior to PD-1 arriving on scene dispatch advised the suspect left the location in a vehicle.  When the Air Crew arrived on scene they located a vehicle matching the description provided driving erratically away from the scene.  Crew members directed patrol units to the vehicle and a traffic stop was conducted.  The occupants in the vehicle were identified as the suspects and arrested for forgery.     

JAN. 26 

Glendora:  Subsequent to a large fire earlier in the week that devastated homes and property, the air crew conducted patrols in the area of the hills above the City of Glendora.  During two of these patrols “flare-ups” were seen and immediately reported to fire personnel.  This allowed for an extremely rapid response that led both small fires being extinguished before they grew in size and magnitude.  This type of cooperation between regional police and fire resources prevented a potential large scale incident from taking place and saved the residents of Glendora and surrounding cities from suffering the effects of a second fire incident.





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