Pasadena Water & Power

Customer Alert (2013-10-30)


October 31, 2013: PWP customers have been approached by individuals promoting services and asking for personal information related to the Energy Upgrade California program, which is sponsored by Southern California Gas. PWP does not currently support the Energy Upgrade California program.

While PWP supports a number of energy and water efficiency programs, PWP never refers or sends contractors to residential customers to perform work without the customer’s prior consent.

Neither PWP nor its contractors are doing door-to-door home energy audits at this time. While there legitimate home energy audit services (unaffiliated with PWP) do at times solicit door to door, please use precaution before inviting unexpected visitors or salespersons into your home.

PWP personnel will always wear a visible picture ID, with the city seal and an employee number, and have their supervisor’s phone number on hand.  Always look for an official city vehicle outside. PWP employees never use personal vehicles to make service calls.  Our meter readers and water quality staff generally don’t need to go inside your home, unless your meter is located in a service porch area or you’ve specifically requested an interior inspection.

If you are a victim of this scam, or to report suspicious activity please call the Pasadena Police Department at (626) 744-4241.

Questions? Our Customer Service personnel is available during normal business hours at (626) 744-4005 to help answer any questions you may have,


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