Touching Base: A Message from the Chief (09/15/13)

/assets/0/73/6442452101/6442452104/2d48c434-3d9e-4f00-b898-148a76ec79aa.jpgTouching Base:  A Message from the Chief
September 15, 2013

Dear Community Members and Department Personnel:  

For your Information: 

The Pasadena Police Department is proud to announce the launch of its Spanish CPA (Citizens Police Academy) class, which is scheduled for September 26 – October 17.  The program will be held on consecutive Thursdays and will include a Class Graduation.  The program is tailored to meet the needs of the Pasadena Latino Community and will cover common concerns and questions about how the police department serves the public.  If you know of potential applicants, please have them contact PS Hilda Jurado, Officer Ralph Ordonez, or Officer Cristian Allen at (626) 744-7659, or visit the Pasadena Police Department’s Webpage at:   cityofpasadena.net/Police.   

On October 5, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Rose Bowl Stadium (Gate A – Front of the Bowl area), the Pasadena Fire Department will host a community workshop about fire safety.  The event will include a Kids Safety Trailer, Ladder Truck, Rescue Ambulance, and Fire Extinguisher demonstrations.  The workshop is part of the National Fire Prevention Week, October 6 – 12.  This year’s message is “Prevent Kitchen Fires,” to spread the word that more fires start in the kitchen than in any other part of the home.  For more information, please contact Pasadena Fire Department PIO Lisa Derderian at (626) 744-7276, or email at LDerderian@cityofpasadena.net.   

Our Community 

On August 22, Pasadena Police Sergeant Lomeli and Officer Allen attended the Healthy & Safe San Gabriel Valley Collaborative meeting, which focuses on the effort to reduce violence in the SGV.  Members of the collaborative endeavors to identify community practices that support and promote healthy youth and their families. The meeting was held at the Flintridge Retreat Center and was well attended.   

On September 6, several Pasadena Police officers and employees helped celebrate the School Year Kick-Off at Madison Elementary School.  The purpose of the event was to engage and energize families at Madison School and in the surrounding neighborhoods.  After 3 years of declining test scores at the school, Madison’s 2013 START test results exhibited overall increase. VIPs included:  Madison Principal C. Serrano, Madison Healthy Start Director M. Serrano, PUSD Elementary Director Dr. K. Onoye, A. Beecher, R. Del Rio (CHIRLA), Centro de Education Del Pueblo, the Pasadena Roving Archers Club, Pasadena Armory for the Arts, Pasadena Parks & Recreation, Councilmember V. Gordo’s Field Representative, V. Del La Cuba, Pasadena Police Foundation President M. Yanish, Pasadena Police Officers M. Gligorijevic, S. Arcand, and K9 partner Figo, Sergeant R. Roldan, Lieutenants V. Gourdikian and J. Clawson, an PPD Volunteer H. Kouladjian (BBQd hundreds of hot dogs and hamburgers for the gathering).   

On September 10, Pasadena Police Lieutenant V. Gourdikian attended a community poetry event. I understand the event was well attended and well received by the participants.  Dr. Govine, PhD, coordinated the readings.   

On September 11, Pasadena Police Lieutenant T. Ibarra and I attended the Clergy Community Coalition (CCC) meeting, which was hosted at the Harambee Center.  The room was packed with religious leaders from throughout Pasadena and Altadena.  Local officials provided information about their organization and activities over the summer.  I spent my time talking about public safety issues, including crime trends, AB109, and vacation activities involving the PAL youth and police explorers.  To learn more about the CCC, please visit: www.clergycc.org  (Photos @PPDChiefSanchez).  

On September 12, several Pasadena Police officers and employees attended a partnership BBQ hosted by the Altadena Sheriff’s Station.  The BBQ served as an opportunity for Pasadena police and Altadena Sheriffs to collaborate on public safety issues.  

On September 12, I attended the San Gabriel Valley Police Chief’s Association meeting, which was held in Inwindale.  Most of the SGV chiefs attended the meeting.  There were several public safety topics discussed; however, the majority of the time was spent on AB109.   

On September 13, several Pasadena Police executives attended NAACP’s Ruby McKnight Williams Awards Dinner.  Pasadena Weekly Deputy Editor Andre Colman served as the emcee.  The head table included: Mayor Bogaard, Vice Mayor Robinson, Councilman Kennedy, NAACP Pasadena Branch President Moody, and Honorary Chairpersons Dunn and Mr.  & Mrs. W. Galloway, Dr. Eric Walsh, Pastor Stewart.  Ms. Crawford sang “Life Every Voice and Sing” to open the event and Pastor Stewart provided the invocation. The keynote speaker was Dr. Eric Walsh, Director and Health Officer, City of Pasadena, and Awardees included: Albert Bailey, Robert Bartlett, Tyron Hampton Dr. Eva Graham, Kim Miles, Chuck Carroll, Paul Little, Elizabeth Levitt-Hirsch, Rev. Tyrone Skinner, Sr., Dr. Jack Scott, USN L/Commander Terrell Burnett, and Delano Robinson  (Photos @PPDChiefSanchez).   

On September 14, Deputy Chief Qualls and I attended the First African Methodist Episcopal (FAME) Church’s A Day of Dialogue.  Several community leaders, church members, and local officials attended the event, which was designed to discuss race and race relations.  The community day was hosted by FAME and was facilitated by Avis Ridley-Thomas. Char Bland coordinated the Day of Dialogue. Elected officials attending the dialogue included:  Mayor Bogaard, Vice Mayor Robinson, Councilman Kennedy, and Assembly Member Holden.   

On September 14, Pasadena Police Commander J. Perez attended the Fiestas Patrias Celebration, which was held at Villa-Parke. The event included games, community exhibitors, local food vendors and the coronation of the 2013 Queen & Court. The Fiestas was a huge success and helped share Latino culture, history, and arts and crafts with everyone who attended.  Pasadena Now (www.pasadenanow.com/main/) covered the event (Photos @PPDChiefSanchez).   

Pasadena’s Finest: 

On August 9, I received a letter commending Pasadena Police Officer E. Lee.  The author praised Officer E. Lee for his professionalism and assistance during a field investigation. The author wrote, “… I am writing this letter as a commendation to Officer Lee and thank the PPD…”    

On August 10, I received a card commending Pasadena Police Officer D. Alba for his professionalism during a death investigation.  The author wrote, “… I really appreciate you, may God Bless you…”   

On September 10, Pasadena Police Corporal G. Thompson was honored by the Salvation Army for his commitment, dedication, and long history of service to the PAL program (serving our youth). The award was presented by Salvation Army Major Norton. Deputy Chief Qualls, Commanders Perez and Rosales, Lieutenant Calatayud, and PS Jurado attended the event.    

On September 11, Police Commanders L. Rosales and C. Russ attended the Glendale Police Department’s Promotional Ceremony for Deputy Chief C. Povilatis and Commander T. Goldman.  I understand the event was well attended by community leaders, friends, and family.    

On September 11, several Pasadena Police officers, employees and community members attended the United States Constitution Observance Program, which was hosted by Wisdom Lodge 202.  Pasadena First Responders Detective K. Gomez and G. Curry, and PFD Captain H. Kurdoghlian were all awarded the “Served Beyond the Call of Duty” award.  The awardees were supported by family, friends, and coworkers.  Wisdom Lodge Member L. Keshihian served as the emcee and the keynote address was delivered by R. Charvonia, Senior Grand Warden (Masons). Pasadena Now (www.pasadenanow.com/main/) covered the event (Photos @PPDChiefSanchez).  

On September 12, Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) grant auditors visited the Pasadena Police Department to review grant funds expenditures to ensure compliance.  Administrator M. Robinson and Sergeant Lemos were responsible for monitoring the use of the UASI funds.  It is my pleasure to report that we received 100% compliance rating from the UASI auditors.    

On September 12, I received information that Pasadena Police Officers D. Scott and A. Riley successfully completed the POST approved Basic Peer Support Training program, which certifies them as Peer Counselors. The Pasadena Police Department’s Peer Support Program is led by Detective J. Allard and woks in cooperation with the city’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to support our employees.   

Critical Incidents: 

On September 12, Pasadena Police Officers Tudic and Yoo received information about a suspect who had a $50,000 arrest warrant. The suspect had a long history of domestic violence and had successfully avoided arrest for an extended period of time. Officers Tudic and Yoo were on patrol on September 13 and were able to contact the suspect in the 1200 block of Sinaloa Avenue.  The suspect was contacted, arrested without incident, and booked at the Pasadena jail.   

On September 10, Pasadena Police Detectives assigned to the Fugitive Apprehension Unit (FAU) working with the United States Secret Service arrested an adult Arminian Male for running an elaborate ATM skimming scheme.  The suspect’s crime-partner remains at large; however, authorities are aware of his identity.  Authorities estimate the suspects stole more than $20,000.    www.khon2.com/2013/09/11/man-arrested-in-atm-skimming-scheme.   

On September 12, at about 3:00 p.m., Pasadena Police Officer L. Banuelos observed a vehicle and determined it was stolen.  The driver of the car attempted to avoid Officer Banuelos by pulling into a driveway of a private residence in the 500 block of East Washington Boulevard.  Officer Banuelos followed the car and conducted a high risk stop.  Assisting officer arrived and detained the two suspects in the car.  The suspects were arrested without incident and booked at the Pasadena jail.   

On September 12 at about 9:14 p.m., Pasadena Police officers responded to Hillside Homes regarding two missing juvenile females.  Hillside staff said the females had been missing since approximately 8:20 p.m.  They searched the area; however, they were unable to locate the females. At approximately 11:30 p.m. the missing females were seen at the horse stables in the lower Arroyo; however, the witness mistakenly called the South Pasadena Police department to report their observations. The call was transferred to the Pasadena Police Department; however, when PPD officers checked the area, they did not find the missing juveniles. Later the next morning, the females were located by the Los Angeles Police Department.   

On September 13, Pasadena Police officers responded to the 300 block of East Colorado Boulevard regarding a stolen vehicle investigation. On arrival, officers learned the delivery driver parked his truck in front of Ruth Chris’ Steakhouse.  He left the vehicle running and the roller door open. When the driver was away from his truck, an unknown female entered the vehicle and drove away.  About 30 minutes later, the owner of the delivery truck found the vehicle in the 300 block of Raymond Avenue and reported the information to PPD.  On arrival, the officers discovered the female suspect had fled the area.  Officers searched the area; however, they were unable to locate the suspect. Our investigation is ongoing.   

On September 13, Pasadena Police Officers C. Aguilar, M. White, and Los Angeles County Probation Officer Cruz conducted a field investigation involving a suspect wanted for residential burglary.  The suspect was contacted, arrested without incident, and later booked at the Pasadena jail.  

On September 13, the Pasadena Police Department’s Traffic Section conducted a DUI checkpoint near Mountain Street and Fair Oaks Avenue.  Approximately 1240 cars passed through the checkpoint resulting in 6 arrests for DUI, 12 misdemeanor citations for unlicensed drivers, 5 citations for driving with a suspended CDL, and two arrests for warrants. The traffic checkpoints are funded by the Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) and are highly regulated.   


Phillip L. Sanchez
Chief of Police
Pasadena Police Department
207 N. Garfield Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 744-4545
Mission First, People Always




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