Touching Base: A Message from the Chief (04/28/13)

/assets/0/73/6442452101/6442452104/32c7f010-2a61-4f55-a74a-ff12b6a65bd5.jpgTouching Base:  A Message from the Chief
April 28, 2013


Dear Community Members and Department Personnel:  

Save the Date: 

On May 2, from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m., Mayor Bill Bogaard will host the 40th Annual “Pasadena Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast,” which will be held at the Pasadena Convention Center Ballroom.  The doors open at 6:30 a.m., and the program starts promptly at 7:00 a.m.  This year’s theme is “Do Justly, Love Mercy, and Walk Humbly with your God,” and features Dr. Jack Scott as the keynote speaker.  For more information please call (626) 486-0691, or email jmillikan@workingfaith.com.   

On May 2, the Pasadena Police Activities League (PAL) will host its Eleventh Annual Golden Badge Awards Dinner at the Pasadena Convention Center.  The dinner starts at 6:00 p.m., followed by the awards program.  This year, PAL is thrilled to recognize Councilman Steve Madison & Pasadena Armenian Police Advisory Council (PAPAC) as “Golden Badge Honorees,” and PAL Service Award recipient, Janet Branson. Sponsorship information and tickets are available at www.pasadenapal.com.  All proceeds from the evening are dedicated to the various PAL programs for 2013.   We hope that you will join us in making the Eleventh Annual Golden Badge Awards Dinner an overwhelming success.  For more information contact Jill Hawkins – MHPevents at (626) 791-1225 x 1, or jill@mhpevents.com 

On May 11, the Pasadena Police Department will host a Gun-Buy-Back from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Garfield Avenue and Ramona Street.  Pasadena police officers will issue gift certificates (furnished by the Pasadena Area Gun Buyback Committee, Pasadena Area Congregations, and the Flintridge Center) for all firearms.  Gift certificates will be issued in the amounts of $50 for any non-working firearm, $100 for handguns, rifles or shotguns, and $200 for assault weapons. In conjunction with the gun-buy-back program, there will be a Peace-Source Fair, featuring resources to address:  conflict resolution, after school programs, mental & public health, parenting, parole reentry, policy, and advocacy issues. For more information on the gun-buy-back program and/or how to safely transport firearms to the event, please call Pasadena Police Lieutenant Tracey Ibarra at (626) 744- 7875, or email at TIbarra@cityofpasadena.net.  For more information on the Peace-Source Fair, you can visit www.pasadenagunbuyback.org. I hope to see you at the event where you can safely surrender your unwanted firearms.   

On May 11, 2013, the Pasadena Youth Center (PYC) is sponsoring the 19th Annual Adelante Mujer Latina (AML) Conference at Pasadena City College from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  The AML conference is an exciting and inspirational day-long career and educational conference attended by more than 1,500 young Latinas, ages 12 to 21, their mentors, and moms.  The purpose of the AML Conference is to provide middle and high school Latinas with tools for personal and professional growth, challenge them to raise their expectations, promote leadership, encourage them to pursue post-high school education, achieve their goals, and have a positive impact on their lives and the lives of others.  If you are interested in being a workshop presenter and sharing your personal success, please visit www.adelantemujerlatina.org to learn more, or visit http://pasadenayouthcenter.org/aml_conference/aml_presenters to sign up as workshop presenter by March 9, 2013.  Special thanks to PYC’s Executive Director, Stella Murga, for her continued and dedicated service to Pasadena’s youth.   

On May 15 at 6:00 p.m., the Pasadena Police and Fire Departments will honor our fallen officers and firefighters and their families in a solemn ceremony at City Hall.  Traditionally, the month of May is the time of the year when public safety departments across the United States hold services to remember first responders who died in the line of duty.  The ceremony is free of charge and the public is encouraged to attend. For more information, please contact Pasadena Police Corporal Steve Oberon at SOberon@cityofpasadena.net.   

On May 30, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., the Pasadena Police Department is hosting its 42nd Annual Police-Citizens Awards Ceremony, at the Ambassador Auditorium (131 South St. John Avenue).  The Ambassador Auditorium is owned and operated by Harvest Rock Church. The event will honor police employees and citizens who demonstrated exceptional service, conspicuous courage, and other noteworthy acts.  I hope to see you at the awards ceremony to celebrate our local heroes.   

Our Community: 

On April 20, Commander Lisa Rosales attended the Autism Walk at the Rose Bowl.  The very successful event played host to more than 45,000 walkers, all supporting Autism.  Public safety concerns were address by the Pasadena Police Department’s Event Planning Section.   

On April 20, Commander Lisa Rosales attended the Villa Parke Boxing and Fitness Campaign “Kick Off,” which was held at the Villa-Parke Fitness Center.  The event honored “Sugar Shane Mosley, Ricky “Showtime” Quiles, and Zack “Attack” Padilla, who were all in attendance at the event.   Proceeds raised at the event will benefit the Villa-Park Fitness Center expansion project. VIPs at the event included:  City Manager Michael Beck, Councilman Victor Gordo, and Human Services & Recreation Director Mercy Santoro.  City staff included: Horace Wormely, Jarvis Emerson, and Kenny James.   

On April 21, the Pasadena Armenian Genocide Memorial Committee unveiled the Armenian Genocide Memorial for the first time to the public at the Pasadena Art Center College of Design.  The artist, Catherine Menard, is a student at the Art Center.  She shared her design with the audience and explained in detail how she came up with the simple, but moving concept.  VIPs at the event included:  Mayor Bill Bogaard, and Councilmen Gene Masuda and John Kennedy. Pasadena Art Center College of Design Professor, James Meraz and Pasadena Police Sergeant Gregory Afsharian also attended the event. Memorial Committee members include:  Bill Paparian, David Gevorkyan, Greg Afsharian, Shoghig Yepremian, Anthony Portantino, Bernard Melekian, and Mike Youssefian.   

On April 22, I had the pleasure of meeting with Harambee Ministries Executive Director Harlan Redmond at the center.  Prior to the meeting, I talked with several students about their studies and attendance at the school.  Harlan and I talked about public safety concerns and the vision for Harambee.   

On April 22, I attended Eden Day at Maranatha High School. The focus of the event was to promote healthy nutrition for our students.  VIPs at the event included Mayor Bill Bogaard and many members from Maranatha’s Administrative Staff.  Pasadena Health Director, Dr. Eric Walsh was the keynote speaker and Pasadena Chamber of Commerce President, Paul Little was busy snapping photos during the Ribbon Cutting to officially open the event.  Special thanks to Maranatha High School Staff member, Barbara Socki, for extending me the invitation.   

On April 22, Pasadena Police Lieutenant Randell Taylor and I attended the Football Bowl Association Executive Director Reception, which was held at the Tournament of Roses House.  There were a number of local community leaders attending the event.  Rose Bowl Game Manager, Ed Cory coordinated our participation.   

On April 23, Commanders Lisa Rosales and Chris Russ, and Service Area Lieutenant Vasken Gourdikian attended the Playhouse District Association’s (PDA) 18th Annual Celebration & Annual meeting. This year’s theme was “Making a Difference.”  The PDA’s mission is to promote the economic vitality of the Playhouse District as the center of Culture, Commerce, and Community in the heart of Pasadena.   The program began with welcoming and introductions by Elizabeth Doran from the Playhouse District and Opening Comments from Mayor Bill Bogaard.   VIPs in attendance included City Manager Michael Beck, Assistant City Manager Steve Mermell, Director of Public Works Siobhan Foster, and Director of Transportation Fred Dock.  The PDA awarded the Pacific Asia Museum the Culture Award, the Technique – Cordon Bleu College the Commerce Award, and Fuller Seminary the Community Award.  PDA also acknowledged long time board member/Past Chair, Mark Smutny, from Pasadena Presbyterian Church, and Carla Walecka, Property Owner and Urban Planner.  

On April 24, several members of the Pasadena Police Department, elected officials, Armenian community members, and the general public attended the Armenian National Committee of America’s Armenian Genocide Commemoration, which was held at City Hall.  The commemoration was a solemn service honoring and remembering the 1.5 million Armenians murdered during the 1915 Genocide. There were several keynote speakers including Former Pasadena Mayor and Council Member William M. Paparian.  William delivered a passionate speech underscoring the rich Armenian history, the atrocities of the genocide, and the longstanding relationship between the Armenian Community and the City of Pasadena.  He also outlined the work of the Pasadena Armenian Genocide Memorial Committee (Bill Paparian, David Gevorkyan, Greg Afsharian, Shoghig Yepremian, Anthony Portantino, Bernard Melekian, and Mike Youssefian) and highlighted Pasadena Art Center Environmental Design Student, Catherine Menard, whose memorial concept was selected as the final project. William concluded his speech by saying:   

“… On April 24, it is only proper and just for Armenians to reiterate their solidarity with all other victims of intolerance. To do any less would diminish the righteousness and strength of our cause. Our place can never be with those voices of hatred and racism, or those who are ready and willing to victimize helpless minorities. Who better than we know what it means to be branded as the outsider, the intruder, the trespasser?   

We must reject all forms of racism and fight against intolerant political voices. In so doing, not only will we create a better community for ourselves, we will help in the building of a healthier society for all. If we ever, even for a moment, close our eyes to the suffering and persecution of any minority anywhere on this globe, we dishonor our own martyred families. When we side with the powerful and the arrogant, when we applaud or ignore their abuses, then we betray our own history.

This, my friends, is our ultimate responsibility to our survivors, and the individuals of all races, ages, and creeds, who have fallen victim to the greatest crimes of the ages…”  

 On April 24, Pasadena Police Lieutenant Edward Calatayud attended the Armenian Community Coalition – Armenian Genocide Commemoration, which was held at Memorial Park.  The service was well attended and representatives from local, state, and federal officials attended.  The keynote speakers underscored the tragedies of the Armenian Genocide while a local choir and orchestra provide music.   

On April 24, Pasadena Police employees participated in Denim Day L.A., which is a national program to raise awareness about the issue of sexual violence.  Non-uniformed personnel wore denim style jeans for the day to show their outward support of this noteworthy cause.  For additional information about the history of Denim Day, please visit:  www.denimdayinla.org.   

On April 25, Pasadena Police Officer Jordan Ling and a Special Agent from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) collected unwanted prescription drugs at the Pasadena Police Department as part of the 6th Annual National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day.  Historically, the Drug Take-Back Day has enjoyed much success.  Over the past three years, law enforcement agencies have collected more than 1,000 tons of expired, unwanted prescription medications.  Pasadena Police Lieutenant Cheryl Moody was supervising the initiative.  The Take-Back Day program was covered in the local media:  www.pasadenanow.com/main/got-drugs-pasadena-police-department-participates-in-the-national-take-back-initiative-sat-apr-27-2013.   

Pasadena’s Finest: 

On April 11, I received a letter from Monterey Park Police Chief Jim Smith commending the San Gabriel Valley Anti-Crime Task Force for their assistance with a residential burglary that occurred in the City of Monterey Park.  Chief Smith wrote, “…The teamwork and skill demonstrated by the officers involved is a testament to their dedication to combat crime in our city and ensure a safe environment for all our citizens as well as those in the cities represented within the task force…”   

On April 20, Pasadena Police Officers Barry Glockson and Aaron Villicana were on routine patrol near Los Robles Avenue and Orange Grove Boulevard when they saw a wanted felony suspect.  Barry and Aaron knew the suspect from previous contacts.  As the officers were parking their police unit, the suspect attempted to hide in a nearby vacant home, which was under construction.  Barry and Aaron checked the area, located the suspect, and arrested him without incident.  He was later booked at the Pasadena jail.   

On April 23, the Citizens Assisting Pasadena Police (CAPPP) members hosted their Annual BBQ at Victory Park. The event was very well attended by volunteers and PPD employees.  The funds raised from the BBQ will benefit the Pasadena Police Activities League (PAL).  Like the larger body of volunteers, CAPP members are a tremendous resource for the Pasadena Police Department and our community.  The CAPP members receive specialized training and are often seen in our community driving white Pasadena Police vehicles.  For more information about the Pasadena Police Volunteer Program, please visit the Pasadena Police Department’s Website at:  cityofpasadena.net/Police.   

On April 24, the Pasadena Criminal Investigation Division hosted a Volunteer Appreciation Meeting. The celebration was hosted by Commander John Perez and Lieutenants Diego Torres and Terysa Rojas.  Pasadena Police volunteers work a variety of assignments in Criminal Investigations Division and their service is invaluable.   

Another extraordinary group of Pasadena Police Volunteers are the Chaplains. They fulfill a vital role in the department’s effort to mitigate the impact of stress on our employees and deal with the aftermath of tragedy in our community. In that regard, the mission of the Pasadena Police Chaplains is to help neutralize that drop of corrosion on the human soul that is part and parcel of the profession of law enforcement. We accomplish this through a ministry of presence and listening. The presence of a chaplain at the scene of human tragedy, be it a traffic fatality, suicide, homicide, or a very serious injury, is a sign to all of us, that even in the worst of situations, grace has the final word. In practical terms, this involves our care for the officers, their families, and the public in that order. We provide comfort and consolation to victims and witnesses, which free the officers to their job of making things safe, and finding the truth. Among the things we can do for police officers, is assisting with death notifications.  Keeping distraught people out of crime scenes in a gentle but firm manner is important, and repeatedly explaining the procedures to be followed to people traumatized is often difficult. We can be for you that extra pair of compassionate hands for human needs that no policy manual can completely cover. Finally, the chaplain is there to listen to you about anything and everything and provide you with support as well. Everything said is confidential, and respect and reverence for all beliefs, or no beliefs at all, is absolute. We are always available to you. In all these ways, we engage the mission to help neutralize the drop of corrosion on the human soul so we may all keep our humanity intact.   

On April 24, Commander Lisa Rosales and Department of Information Technology Chief Information Officer, Phillip Le Clair, attended Interagency Communications Interoperability System (ICIS) Legislative Day in Sacramento. Commander Rosales is the current Chair of ICIS and Phillip Le Clair is on the ICIS Legislative Committee.  The ICIS Delegation also included ICIS Executive Director, Ray Edey, City of Burbank Vice-Mayor, Emily Gabel-Luddy, ICIS Board Member City of Glendale Administrator, Theresa Goldman, ICIS Board Member City of Beverly Hills, Fire Chief Tim Scranton, and City of Burbank Legislative Analyst, Lianne McGinley.   ICIS was established in 2003 to build an interoperable regional communications network.  Pasadena is one of seven cities who are members of the Joint Powers Authority for the operation of the system.  System subscribers include 29 other agencies such as Alhambra, Arcadia, Monrovia, San Fernando, and San Marino.  The system coverage is about 170 square miles and serves about 1.5 million residents.  While in Sacramento, Commander Rosales and Phillip LeClair were able to meet with the Governor’s office staff members, Senator Carol Liu, Senator Ted Lieu, Assembly Member Richard Bloom, Assembly Member Mike Gatto’s staff, and our very own Assembly Member, Chris Holden.    Additionally, Commander Rosales was able to meet with Chief Kris Whitty, from the California Emergency Management Agency’s Homeland Security, Prop 1B, and Emergency Management Branch.  This trip to Sacramento was important as it gives ICIS an opportunity to share and market important information about ICIS with State Officials.    

Between April 15 – 25, the Pasadena Police Community Services Outreach Unit made over forty new friends while deploying the Mobile Command Post Curbside Coffee and Chat (MCP/CCC). Members of the team, Police Specialists Hilda Jurado and Karla Kauhola, Police Officers Cristian Allen and Ralph Ordonez, and CAPP Volunteer John Kendall visited four wonderful neighborhoods. While visiting the 1100 block Palm Terrace near Heather Square, residents gathered at the curbside to share current crime trends, tips on home and personal safety, as well as issues unique to their neighborhood.  Police Specialist Jurado introduced the Neighborhood Watch Program and completed two home security inspections, a service offered free of charge.   

The Community graciously extended an invitation to the MCP/CCC team who arrived at the curbside in the 1300 block of North Michigan Avenue. Police Specialist Kauhola, and Officers Ordonez and Allen provided neighbors with updates on crime trends, crime prevention programs, and spent time getting to know everyone. All enjoyed the delicious pastries and coffee provided by one of our community members, Mrs. Anne Leach.  Over twenty-four residents gathered at this curbside chat, including a few special guests from nearby Altadena. The MCP/CCC team was invited to a neighborhood gathering in the 2400 block of Brigden Road.  Here again, the Community Services Section Outreach Unit was delighted by the welcome they received and the opportunity to share information vital to keeping our community  informed and engaged in a crime prevention partnership with the Pasadena Police Department.  The team appreciates Mr. Alan Lamson for inviting the PPD and bringing over eighteen members of his neighborhood together for the curbside chat. To round off the week, the MCP/CCC made an unscheduled stop at Hermanos Street and Daisy Avenue. While visiting with neighbors and their children, Councilmember Gene Masuda kindly stopped by to support and learn more about the Pasadena Police Department’s outreach efforts. To schedule a visit from the MobileCommand Post Curbside Coffee and Chat, please call or email to make an appointment: Officer Ralph Ordonez (626) 744-7651, or email ralphordonez@cityofpasadena.net, Officer Cristian Allen (626) 744-7656, or email: callen@cityofpasadena.net 

Critical Incidents:   

On April 18, the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) revoked the retail liquor license for Sunshine Liquor for 30 days. The suspension was the result of an ongoing investigation involving the Pasadena Police Department, led by Officer Jacob Carey, and the United States Department of Agriculture.   ABC has mandated that business owners meet specific guidelines before the store can resume alcohol sales.  The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control administers the provisions of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act in collaboration with local law enforcement. To learn more about how ABC can assist with neighborhood livability issues resulting from licenses alcohol sales establishments, visit http://www.abc.ca.gov/  Community members may also be interested in the Complaint and Protest Forms at http://www.abc.ca.gov/forms/PDFCompl.html.  In addition to complaint forms, ABC provides a useful Citizen’s Log of Disruptive Activity.  

On April 19 at about 5:30 p.m., Pasadena Police officers responded to the 800 block of North Garfield Avenue regarding an Assault with a Deadly Weapon investigation. On arrival, officers learned that the victim and the suspect are brothers.  The victim called 9-1-1 and reported that he had been assaulted by his brother with a hammer and a firearm.  Pasadena Police Sergeant Chris Sharma and Corporal Anthony Burgess coordinated the containment of the suspect’s residence and established a command post.  The suspect exited the residence and was taken into custody without incident.  A subsequent search of the suspect’s home did not yield a firearm. The suspect was booked at the Pasadena jail.  Pasadena Police Lieutenant Vasken Gourdikian and the Air Ops Unit also assisted with the incident.    

On April 20 at about 9:30 a.m., Pasadena Police officers responded to the 150 block of North Hill Avenue regarding a commercial burglary.  Officers learned that communication equipment stored in the basement of a church had been stolen.  The equipment was valued at approximately $60,000.  Our investigation is ongoing.   

On April 20 at about 11:56 p.m., Pasadena Police officers responded to the 1800 block of Monte Vista Street regarding a dead body investigation.  On arrival, officers discovered the obviously deceased victim in his residence.  It appeared from our preliminary investigation that the victim may have died as a result of a drug overdose.  The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office responded and took custody of the victim’s body.  Pasadena police are awaiting the notice of the official cause of death, which will be determined by the coroner.   

On April 23 at about 9:00 p.m., Pasadena Police officers responded to the area of Los Robles Avenue and Buckeye Street regarding an attempted murder.  On arrival, offices learned that the suspect and the victim had a history of domestic violence.  During this incident, the suspect physically assaulted the victim, causing her to lose consciousness.  A nearby Good Samaritan intervened and stopped the assault.  PPD officers arrive quickly and took the suspect into custody without further incident.  He was later booked at the Pasadena jail.      

On April 24, US Marshals Southwest Regional Fugitive Task Force arrested a suspect wanted for two cases of domestic violence.  The lead investigator on this case was Pasadena Police Detective Van Kim, who identified the suspect.  The information was turned over to task force members Tim Bundy, Eric Meyer, Daryl Diamond, Toby Green, David Llanes, and Justin Darby, who saw the suspect driving his personal vehicle.  The task force officers followed the suspect and later arrested him without incident.  He was booked at the Pasadena jail.   

On April 24 at about 4:30 p.m., Pasadena Police officers responded to the area of Oakland Avenue and Orange Grove Boulevard regarding an armed robbery investigation.  On arrival, officers talked with the victim who said he exited his residence (in the 600 block of North Oakland) and was approached by the suspect (Male Black Adult).  The suspect displayed a handgun and demanded the victim’s gold chain and wallet.  Fearing for his safety, the victim complied with the suspect’s demands. The suspect then ran south on Oakland to a waiting vehicle and left the location. The outstanding suspect is described as a Male Black, 25 years, 5’-8,” 210 pounds, with a medium build, wearing blue jeans, and a red t-shirt.  The handgun was described as a blue steel revolver.  The vehicle was a mid-90s sedan, with a square body.  If you have any information regarding this incident, please call the Pasadena Police Department at (626) 744-4241.   

On April 27 at about 4:25 p.m., Pasadena Police officers responded to the 200 block of East Washington Boulevard regarding an Assault with a Deadly Weapon (firearm). On arrival, the officers talked with the victim who said he was driving his car east on Washington Boulevard when the suspect (Male Black adult) stepped into the street and fired three rounds at him.  One round struck the hood of the victim’s vehicle, and another hit an apartment building in the 200 block of East Washington Boulevard.  The third round was not located.  Based on our preliminary investigation, the incident appears to be random.  If you have information about his incident, please call the Pasadena Police Department at (626) 744-4241.   


Phillip L. Sanchez
Chief of Police
Pasadena Police Department
207 N. Garfield Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 744-4545
Mission First, People Always



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