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Residential Green Power Program

Residential customers can choose from three different options: $5.00 per month (200 kWh), $10.00 per month (400 kWh), or ALL GREEN, meaning an additional charge of 2.5¢ per kilowatt hour of monthly usage. A typical homeowner who uses 500 kilowatt hours per month would spend an extra $12.50 - a small price to pay for these cleaner energy sources.

To sign up, download the Application for Residential Green Power Program* . If you have questions or want to learn more, please call PWP at (626) 744-4005 or (626) 744-6970 (PWP AnswerLine) for more information. 
* Applications are in .PDF format and can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader software. If your browser is not equipped to view PDF files, get Acrobat now to download a free copy. 


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