On November 17, at approximately 4:00 p.m., two Pasadena Police Helicopters were involved in an accident when their rotor blades touched during a landing maneuver at the heliport. As a result, the aircrews from both helicopters were injured with minor cuts and complaint of pain. The aircrews were transported by the Pasadena Fire Department to local area hospitals for medical evaluation. The NTSB was notified the evening of the accident. The aircraft involved were both
Bell OH-58’s, they sustained extensive damage.

The following individuals were involved in the collision:

  • Lieutenant Michael Ingram (Commanding Officer)
  • Officer Carol Eldridge (Pilot)
  • Lieutenant Randell Taylor (Traffic Observer)
  • Officer Markus Mendenhall (Pilot)
  • Officer Ryan Smith (Observer)
  • Civilian (Contractor)

On Sunday, November 18, the NTSB and FAA met with Chief Sanchez and Deputy Chief Qualls to conduct a preliminary investigation. The NTSB will be the lead agency into the investigation of the accident. Chief Phillip L. Sanchez said, “The NTSB and FAA have the full cooperation of the Pasadena Police Department in their investigation.”

The NTSB will post their preliminary findings in approximately 10 days. The factual findings will post in 1 year and the final report will post in 3 years, per the National Transportation Safety Board guidelines.

For More Information:
Lieutenant Phlunte’ Riddle: (626) 744-7875

Posted: 11/19/2012 02:10:00 PM
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