Office of the City Manager

Property-based Business Improvement Districts (PBIDs)

Property-based Business Improvement Districts (PBIDs) have become an important tool to help Pasadena maintain regional prominence as one of the top visitor destinations in Sothern California. The PBIDs afford the leverage of shared resources resulting in a unique blend of public and private agencies working together to ensure business profitability and to emphasize customer service, safety, area marketing and promotion, cleanliness, improve parking management and continued retail recruitment. PBIDs run for five year terms. Pasadena currently has three PBIDs; Old Pasadena in its third term, Playhouse District, in the renewal process for their third year and South Lake, currently in its first term. PBIDs are voluntary in that they are initiated by property owners but mandatory once implemented, and come at a fee so where PBIDs are more affective are in areas where a sufficient assessment can be implemented to pay for necessary services. While some have balked at the notion of having to pay for additional services, the benefits are tangible; real estate value in PBIDs increase at greater rates than in others, and crime is lower. Pasadena is fortunate to have the input and participation of the PBID as they give voice to commercial property owners, business owners and employees who constitute the greatest income producing generators for the City.

Posted: 6/27/2011 05:40:00 PM
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