San Gabriel and Sierra Madre Blvd. Project Updates

The project is named San Gabriel Blvd/Sierra Madre Blvd, et al. The project is for Traffic Signal Improvements, which includes new signal gear, luminaires, detection cameras, cabinet controllers, striping, signing, extending the left turn pocket on New York Dr at Sierra Madre Villa and adding an additional left turn pocket on Sierra Madre Villa at Sierra Madre. The number and type of improvements varies at each intersection.

The following intersections are being improved:

  1. San Marino Ave/Sierra Madre Blvd at Huntington Dr
  2. San Gabriel Blvd at California Blvd
  3. San Gabriel Blvd at San Pasqual St
  4. San Gabriel Blvd at Del Mar Blvd
  5. San Gabriel Blvd at Walnut St
  6. San Gabriel Blvd at Sierra Madre Blvd/Maple St
  7. Sierra Madre Blvd at Orange Grove Blvd
  8. Sierra Madre Blvd at Paloma St
  9. Sierra Madre Blvd at Sierra Madre Villa Av
  10. Sierra Madre Villa Ave at New York Dr
  11. Sierra Madre Blvd at Michillinda Ave

A portion of the median island on Sierra Madre Blvd at Sierra Madre Villa, where the roses were removed, will be re-constructed further east. The edge of the new median island will begin approximately 10’ east of the existing edge. This improvement will provide additional room for left turn movement approaching from the north (Sierra Madre Villa/New York Dr), moving east into Sierra Madre Blvd. Once we are ready re-construct the median island, we will contact Ms. Ana Quintanilla from the City of Pasadena to coordinate landscaping plans, 626-744-7387, as called out in the project plans.

Posted: 6/3/2013 07:45:00 AM
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