WE STILL HAVE WORK TO DO! (August 22, 2012

WE STILL HAVE WORK TO DO! (August 22, 2012)

On Monday, August 13, before 700 constituents, my fellow City Councilmembers unanimously supported my motion soundly rejecting three alternatives for the 710 freeway extension proposed by METRO/Caltrans. In the ensuing week, my colleagues and I have continued to express to METRO/Caltrans in the strongest terms our objections to these routes. I am working with the City Manager, as well, to determine the impact of yet another METRO/Caltrans proposal: a tunnel extension, apparently designed to include truck traffic.

Although these strides towards protecting our neighborhoods have been considerable, and although I am gratified that my Council colleagues have joined me in my opposition to the plans METRO/Caltrans have proposed, I am well-aware that our work has only just begun.

The Council's decision was just a first step, and it is more important now than ever to keep our objections and questions in the forefront of all 710 discussions going on at METRO, Caltrans, the METRO Board, and especially in the Governor's Office. These are the authorities that will make the next round of decisions about the future of the potential 710 extension in Pasadena, and we cannot afford to become complacent now that the immediate threat of a surface route through San Rafael has passed.

I urge you all to contact all of these agencies and persons as frequently as possible—let's make sure they know of our resolve.

Board of Supervisors, chaired by the Honorable Mike Antonovich:
Supervisor Antonovich
Transportation Deputy Michael Cano

Full METRO Board list available here: http://www.metro.net/about/board/executives/  


Executive Director Doug Failing
Administrative Offices: 213.922.6000


Director Malcolm Doherty

District 7 (LA & Orange County) Director, Michael Miles
(213) 897-3656

Office of Governor Jerry Brown

Finally, please mark these important dates on your calendars.  On Tuesday, September 18, I will be moderating a community forum on the 710, to be held in Room 107 at the Convention Center at 7:00 p.m. Experts in science and medicine, and staff from METRO and Caltrans will be on the panel, so this is another excellent opportunity to be heard on this issue.  On September 25th, I will host a Quarterly Town Hall Meeting at Westridge School, Braun Auditorium at 6:30.  Closer to these dates, check for more information at http://www.cityofpasadena.net/district6

Posted: 8/22/2012 01:00:00 PM
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