Learning Works Charter School Commencement Graduation

Learning Works! Charter School
Commencement - June 17, 2010
Mayor Bill Bogaard 

On June 17, Mayor Bogaard extended a welcome to the second graduating class of Learning Works! Charter School, which was established and is directed by Dr. Mikala Rahn.  This year’s graduates numbered over 80, more than twice the number in the first graduating class.  A large group of family and friends gathered for this event.  


I am pleased to welcome you to Pasadena City Hall.  For me, the graduation of students from Learning Works! is a very important event in the life of our community, and I like the fact that this event takes place in the Courtyard that is known and important to everyone in our community. 

We are here to celebrate the graduation of more than 80 students in the second graduation of Learning Works!.  In this day and age, a high school diploma is absolutely essential for any person who wants to have an independent and productive life.  It is the entry point to additional education, to specialized training, and to gainful employment.  I congratulate the graduates and ask everyone to join me in a cordial round of applause. 

This event is a source of pride to lots of people.   

The City of Pasadena stands proud today because it will benefit from the young people who receive their diplomas.  Every community needs young people who are trained by education and committed to their futures.   

Learning Works! Charter School stands proud tonight because it is graduating students who at one point were not interested or not willing to pursue that important goal.  The School’s approach, based on a set of principles that reflect a positive view of young people and all they are capable of, continues to prove successful.  This year’s class is nearly double the size of the class one year ago.    

The graduates stand proud tonight as they celebrate their accomplishment and plan the next steps in what has now become a much more promising future.   

It is wonderful that this large crowd has gathered to be part of this graduation ceremony. At the same time, it is only realistic to recognize that we are in difficult times, and that will make your challenges great.  There will be times when you have doubts.  Maybe some of you already feel a little of that, asking, “Am I smart enough?  Do I really belong?  Can I live up to the expectations that everyone has of me?” 

As you wrestle with such questions, and when you face difficult times, I urge you to think about this day.  Look at all of the people who have helped get you to this point, and think of the others who couldn’t be here tonight.  These are people who sacrificed for you—family and friends who have worked hard to get you through, and who put off doing something important for themselves to get you to graduation.   

I am confident that kind of support will continue.   

Once again, I extend a cordial welcome to you all, and to the graduates:  congratulations and best wishes for all your future holds!   


Posted: 6/10/2010 02:05:00 PM
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