Paseo Colorado

Remarks of Mayor Bill Bogaard
Opening of Paseo Colorado
September 28, 2001

This is a proud and happy day for the City of Pasadena! I've not talked with one person who's seen this project and hasn't come away singing its praises in the most extreme terms. Fantastic! Creative! Wonderful! are words they are using. And these are people who normally don't get very excited about commercial development!

This is a project that offers the opportunity for working and living and shopping and playing—a so-called urban village. It's unique in Pasadena, and rare in other cities across America. That's why it's interesting and ironic to me that this project implements not just one, but two important planning documents for the City of Pasadena.

The first one dates from more than 80 years ago, when the Edward Bennett plan was adopted defining this glorious Civic Center for the City of Pasadena. The crux of that plan was a north-south view axis connecting the Civic Auditorium on the south with the Public Library on the north. This project reestablishes the integrity of the Bennett plan.

The second one dates from about 80 days ago when the City Council gave final approval to the mid-city Civic Center design plan that had been in preparation for a couple of years. The new plan is intended to enhance the original concept and design of the Bennett plan. This project is the foundation and the centerpiece for implementation of the plan.

The project is a result of a unique collaboration, referred to by Rick Froese a moment ago, among the developer, the City and the community. From the very beginning of the planning process about three years ago, a group of 17 committed members of our community sat as partners in the planning process with City staff and with the developer, and developed this concept—not without some intense debate—that gives us such a fine result today. It's a partnership involving the City and the community and the developer which I am confident will continue for the life of the project.

So I want to congratulate TrizecHahn as the developer of the project, Post Properties, the City Council, the City Manager, the City staff, and the entire community for a wonderful project of which we'll all be proud for a long time. This is a centerpiece for Pasadena's future downtown. With Old Pasadena on the west, the Civic Center on the north, the Playhouse District on the east, this is the center of a new Pasadena.

There's one other point that I would like to make. Since September 11, we've all had heavy hearts as we attempted to understand the events that occurred on the east coast that day. This nation has proved why it's great by reaching out to help others in every conceivable way. But there's been another feeling in our hearts, and that is the desire to come together and to give one another reassurance: face to face, hand to hand, kiss to kiss. So as we gather tonight at 8:00 p.m. for the Pasadena Symphony's concert here on Garfield Promenade, I think we'll celebrate this project as a great public gathering place. I hope that you'll all come tonight and celebrate, and give one another the reassurance that this great City and this great nation are moving forward in the most powerful and successful way. 

Posted: 9/28/2001 08:25:00 AM
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