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Department of Information Technology

  • Major Accomplishments

     The Department of Information Technology (DoIT) continued to provide quality services to its customers and accomplished the following during FY2015.

    • Implemented a desktop version of the ‘See Something, Say Something” data collection application for the Police Department;
    • Provided Internet services to the Rose Bowl;
    • Installed fiber optic services supporting multiple City of Pasadena businesses;
    • Completed the evaluation and selection process of a new Enterprise Content Management System to replace the legacy document imaging and records management system;
    • Completed the evaluation and selection process to replace the Land Management and Permitting System (LMS);
    • Launched the Budget Module of the new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for use in developing the FY2016 Budget; and
    • Maintained the Open Data site to provide transparency to City financial information.

    In addition to the accomplishments above, the Department also completed the following internal projects in Fiscal Year 2015:

    • Replaced an additional 600 desktops as part of the Desktop Replacement Program, including the deployment of over 200 additional virtual desktops;
    • Implemented carrier and geographic internet services supporting the Water & Power Outage Management System and other citywide services;
    • Completed numerous Department office remodeling and reorganization projects;
    • Completed a wireless data networking trial to increase data network speed to remote City facilities;
    • Completed installation of a new Voice Message system;
    • Expanded Radio services to support the cities of Montebello and South Pasadena;
    • Developed an automated Agenda Management System for the City Clerk Department;
    • Completed an upgrade of the Fuel Island Management software for the Public Works Department;
    • Implemented an end-to-end Operations Management platform for data center equipment;
    • Upgraded hardware platform(s) underlying all publically facing online systems and services;
    • Deployed CityShare, a cloud-based file sharing and collaboration service;
    • Began refresh of the City website transitioning to a new content management system and leveraging cloud service offerings that will improve performance and increase system resiliency;
    • Completed lifecycle replacements for servers and network equipment;
    • Finalized the Fiber Network and Services Strategic Plan, which will provide an implementation roadmap for future fiber expansion efforts;
    • Expanded the City’s fiber optic network to the Rose Bowl and Transportation department sites, and the Santa Catalina, Hill and Allendale libraries;
    • Developed and launched an online Section 8 waiting list application system for the Housing Department; and
    • Implemented a False Alarm billing revenue collection enhancement application for the Finance Department, integrating data from multiple department systems.


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