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Department of Information Technology

  • Major Accomplishments

     The Department of Information Technology (DoIT) continued to provide quality services to its customers and accomplished the following during FY2014.

    • Implemented a “See Something, Say Something” mobile data collection application for the Police Department;
    • Improved productivity and capabilities of the Public Health
    • Department’s Environmental Health Inspectors with the deployment of a complete mobile office;
    • Completed phase two of the 311 Citizen Service Center to provide a centralized Call Center for citizen phone inquiries to be processed and tracked;
    • Implemented a telephone voice recording system for Water & Power;
    • Conducted a needs assessment and Request for Proposals to replace the Land Management System (LMS);
    • Improved efficiency and customer service at the Transportation Department through a new parking management application;
    • Improved customer service at the Public Health Department with electronic medical records; and
    • Selected a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to integrate financial and human resource information.

    In addition to the accomplishments above, the Department also completed the following internal projects in Fiscal Year 2014:

    • Replaced an additional 800 desktops as part of the Desktop Replacement program, including the deployment of over 400 additional virtual desktops;
    • Implemented an iPad based electronic patient care reporting project for the Fire Department;
    • Completed an upgrade of the Fuel Island Management software for the Public Works Department;
    • Implemented an end-to-end Operations Management platform for the server infrastructure, increasing visibility to resource utilization across the virtualized server environment, improving time-to-respond for reported issues, and enabling pro-active monitoring of systems and applications to identify and remediate issues before they impact customers;
    • Upgraded hardware platform(s) underlying all systems providing cityofpasadena.net, eservices.cityofpasadena.net, and egov.cityofpasadena.net services to the public and partners, improving performance and reliability;
    • Deployed CityShare, a cloud-based file sharing and collaboration service;
    • Completed lifecycle replacements for servers and network equipment;
    • Expanded City Public WiFi service by adding hotspots in public areas at various City facilities;
    • Expanded the City’s fiber optic network to the Rose Bowl, and the La Pintoresca, Hill Avenue, Lamanda Park, and Hastings Branch libraries;
    • Increased Internet Service Speed to 10G;
    • Developed an online contract routing and electronic signature system for the Housing Department;
    • Developed a False Alarm billing revenue collection enhancement application for the Finance Department, integrating data from the Police CAD RMS, Finance Business License and Water and Power ECIS systems;
    • Implemented cell phone coverage improvements at Police Department;
    • Implemented a complete redesign of DoIT’s Intranet site, including a new customer-facing self-service portal, and established a blueprint for future redesign of the entire City Intranet; and
    • Provided technological support and project management for various department moves and changes including Transportation Walnut, 911 Communications Center, Water & Power Meter Shop, Fire Station 39, and Fire Administration.


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