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Department of Information Technology

  • Future Outlook

    Technology is a critical tool for change and key to the provision of improved and cost-effective services to the community. With insight into the requirements of the City and expertise in communications and information technologies, DoIT provides centralized, efficient, and effective support of the City’s technology resources. In FY 2016, DoIT has the following major projects planned:

    • Complete the first cycle of the Desktop Replacement Program, thereby replacing every desktop with a lifecycle of greater than 4 years;
    • Complete migration of citywide voice menus as part of the Voice Messaging System replacement;
    • Conduct a network security assessment to plan for endpoint and other network security improvements;
    • Expand the City datacenter resources to include cloud-based infrastructure to provide for improved resiliency, availability and disaster recovery;
    • Continue to develop new online services for constituents to conduct business with the City 24/7;
    • Complete phase one implementation of the new Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP), which includes the core financial and revenue/business license modules;
    • In concert with the selected vendor, initiate phase one of the Land Management and Permitting System replacement;
    • Continue planning the expansion of the City’s fiber optic network with the first set of initiatives identified in the Fiber Network and Services Strategic Plan to connect to City facilities, expand capacity, and generate revenue opportunities, as well as provide high speed broadband to underserved areas;
    • Replace the existing document imaging and records management system with an Enterprise Content Management System;
    • Continue ongoing implementation of Information Technology Service Management strategies to streamline and improve service delivery to customers; and
    • Invest in organization and staff development programs to strengthen DoIT’s internal processes and commitment to our customers.

    Powered by projects like these, DoIT will continue to make improvements in service and effectiveness and recognize the increased potential for technological growth in the City.

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