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Council District 4

  • District 4 Neighborhood Associations

    California Rose Court
    Laura Garbo – property management Bevin and Brock
    Phone Number: (626) 795-3282
    Boundaries: North-Woodlyn Rd., South-Sierra Madre Blvd., East-Washington Blvd., West-Rose Ave.
    Meeting Schedule: 3rd Wednesday of every month.

    Chapman Woods Association (District 4 / predominantly LA County)
    E-Mail: president@chapmanwoods.net
    Website: www.chapmanwoods.net
    Boundaries: North-Del Mar Blvd., South-Huntington Dr., East-Huntington Dr. (unincorporated),
    West-City Limits (power lines).
    Households: 462
    Meeting Schedule: Monthly Board meetings.  Four Socials each year.


    Daisy-Villa Neighborhood Association
    Timothy Price
    E-Mail: tprice9535@earthlink.net
    Boundaries: North-Orange Grove Blvd., South-210 Fwy., East-Eaton Wash, West-Sierra Madre Blvd.
    Households: 360
    Meeting Schedule: Bi-monthly executive board meetings, annual picnic.

    East Eaton Wash Neighborhood Association
    Laura Ellersieck
    E-Mail: eewna@earthlink.net
    Website: www.eewna.org
    Boundaries: North-Orange Grove Blvd., South-Foothill Blvd., East-Sierra Madre Villa Ave., West-Eaton Wash.
    Households: 386
    Meeting Schedule: 2nd Saturday of every month.

    East Orange Grove Neighborhood Association
    Boundaries: North-Loma Vista St., South-Villa St., East-Altadena Dr., West-Allen Ave.
    Meeting Schedule: 4 times per year Board meetings. General membership meets 1 to 2 times per year.
    * Information Current as of 2011

    Eaton Blanche Park Neighborhood Association
    Gene Masuda
    E-Mail: genomas@aol.com
    Boundaries: North-Colorado Blvd., South-Sunnyslope Rd., East-City limits on Colorado Blvd.
    West-San Gabriel Blvd.,
    Households: 1175
    Meeting Schedule: Every 3 months

    Eaton Canyon Wash Homes Association & Neighborhood Watch
    Jim Hartley
    E-Mail:  truebritjim@earthlink.net
    Boundaries: North-Sierra Madre Blvd., South-Orange Grove Blvd., East-Edison Power Lines, West-Wash Channel.
    Meeting Schedule: As needed

    Eastenders - Brigden Road
    Li Minot
    E-Mail: lilminot@gmail.com
    Alan Lamson
    E-Mail: amlamson@sbcglobal.net
    Neighborhood Watch Group
    Boundaries: Altadena Drive to Martelo Ave 

    Fort Outpost Homeowner's Association
    Joyce Foster
    E-Mail: jfoster000@aol.com
    Boundaries: Outpost Lane.
    Households: 9
    Meeting Schedule: Annual.

    Fox Ridge / Canyon Close
    Jim Hastings
    E-Mail: jimfran57@charter.net
    Boundaries: Fox Ridge Drive and Canyon Close

    Friends of the Foothills
    Connie Sobel
    Phone Number: (626) 794-0737
    Alternate Number: (626) 794-0737
    Boundaries: Altadena Dr. to the north, Fox Ridge Dr., Canyon Close Rd., Canyon View Lane.
    Meeting Schedule: As needed.

    Lamanda Park Merchants & Resident's Neighborhood Association
    Currently inactive.
    Boundaries: North-Foothill Blvd., South-Del Mar Blvd., East-Kinneloa Ave., West-Sierra Madre Blvd.

    Loma Vista Neighborhood Association
    Kevin Randal
    Krand917@sbcglobal.net or lomavistaassociation@yahoo.com  

    Lower Hastings Ranch Association
    Jim Brennan
    E-Mail: brennanjames2@gmail.com
    Boundaries: North-Sierra Madre Blvd., South-Mayfair Dr., East-Michillinda Ave., West-Rim Rd./Cliff Dr.
    Meeting Schedule: Quarterly association meetings. Annual meeting in February.
    * Information Current as of 2011

    Sierra Madre Villa Neighborhood Association
    Carol Mispagel
    E-Mail: scmispagel@sbcglobal.net
    Website: www.smva.net
    Boundaries: North-Villa Heights Rd., South-New York Dr.
    Households: 305
    Meeting Schedule: 3rd Tuesday of (Jan., April, July, Oct.) at 7p.m. in private homes.

    Upper Hastings Ranch Association
    Kathy Gregg
    E-Mail: kgregg91107@yahoo.com
    Website: http://upperhastingsranch.org
    Facebook: Search Upper Hastings Ranch – Pasadena, CA
    Boundaries: North-City Boundary, South-Sierra Madre Blvd., East-City Boundary, West-City Boundary.
    Households: 1127
    Meeting Schedule: 2nd Tuesday of every month, 7:00 p.m.

    Victory Neighborhood Association
    Lorraine Bernstein
    Phone Number: (626) 794-2233
    Boundaries: North-Cooley Pl., South-Loma Vista St., East-Altadena Dr., West-Craig Ave.
    Households: 280
    Meeting Schedule: Once a year.

    Victory Rose Neighborhood Association
    President: Carl Vail