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  • Alcohol and Your City: San Gabriel Valley

    The Pasadena Unified School District and City of Pasadena urge service providers, youth, parents and community stakeholders to review the 2013 Alcohol and Your City San Gabriel Valley Report produced by Day One and the Pasadena Health Dept. on alcohol consumption among teens. This work highlights an important result in the School/City/Community Work Plan around ensuring Pasadena students are Healthy, Physically, Socially and Emotionally. A major indicator for this result builds on strategies to bring multiple resources in the community to work collectively to deter alcohol use and bring greater awareness and educational programs to our community. This was very much a youth lead initiative and the power to turn the curve on underage drinking lies within the voice of our young people. The questions is, how can we help towards aligning our resources towards improved outcomes? Please see the link to the report below. We look forward to continued community dialogue from our youth on this important topic.

    Click the following lint to open the www.rad-sgv.org web page and report.