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    Working Together to Support Students and Strengthen the Community

    "Pasadena's Draft 2013-16 School/City Work Plan leverages the strengths of the community and recognizes that in order for the our children and youth to thrive, we need to support their academic growth and their physical and emotional wellbeing. Never before has there been a greater need for Pasadena Unified School District, the City of Pasadena, Los Angeles County, non-profits, businesses, and the community at large to rally around the needs of the whole student.”

    Senator Carol Liu

    “Leaders in our community, City officials and the School District, nonprofits, businesses and churches know that our youth, our children, are our most precious resources. It is our collective goal to provide every possible opportunity for young people to succeed. We’ve come together as a community to collaborate, cooperate and coordinate. Our new joint Work Plan, based on the nationally successful Community Schools model, will achieve its goals through strategies specific to the Pasadena and Altadena communities. Collectively, we know we have a duty to our young people - that we must strive to work together as a community to clear a pathway to success for all.”

    Jaylene Mosley, Flintridge Center President

    “Pacific Oaks College and Children’s School applauds Pasadena’s Draft 2013-2016 School/City Work plan and the immense impact it will have on our community. We are delighted to play a role and proudly sponsor this important initiative which will bring many public, private, and not-for-profit organizations together to collaboratively work to meet the needs of our youth and ensure their success.”

    Ezat Parnia, P.h.D., President of Pacific Oaks College and Children’s School


  • Suggested Reading List

    In addition to all the input from stakeholders gathered over the past year, some of the ideas, research and models that have helped shaped this first phase of the School/City/Community Work Plan are compiled below with links to websites and a little context for how it fits with our vision of all students and families succeeding. We encourage you to explore the articles and resources, not because we want you to agree with them all, but to help build a shared understanding about what the possibilities, best practices and lessons learned might be so that we can have even richer and more productive discussions in our teams. If you think of other articles, books, research, initiatives that would be relevant to Results Teams, please forward them in PDF or Word form or with website links to Linda Machida at lmachida@pasedfoundation.org.

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