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  • Resources / Publications Bibliography

    The following is just a partial list of resources available to Neighborhood Groups at Neighborhood Connections:

    City and Community Services Brochures & Pamphlets

    City Documents & Maps
    • Architectural & Historic Inventories
    • City of Pasadena Street Map
    • City Telephone Directory
    • General Plan
    • Pasadena Capital and Operating Budgets
    • Pasadena Municipal Code
    • Zoning Map
    • Committee and Commission Files (includes rosters, minutes, etc.)
    • Community Bulleting Board

    Current Neighborhood Issues
    (subject files by council district i.e. Community Health Center, N. Lake Specific Plan, Rose Bowl, etc.)

    Current City-Wide Issues
    (subject files i.e. Traffic Calming, Street Vendors, Graffiti, etc.)

    Neighborhood Groups (information from cities across the country)
    • Pasadena Journal
    • Pasadena Neighborhood Group's Directory
    • Pasadena Star News
    • Pasadena Weekly
    • Telephone Directories (including the Haines Criss-Cross Directory)
    • Zip Code Directories

    Starting a Neighborhood Group
    Building a Better Neighborhood pamphlet
    By-laws (outline and other neighborhood examples)
    Non-profit Corporation Handbook (with 3 1/2" disc)

    Publication Assistance
    Computer, Printer
    Examples of neighborhood group's flyers, newsletters, etc.
    Variety of colored paper

    Other Services
    • Coffee Pots - 2 (for use at meetings and block parties)
    • Easels and chart-sized paper
    • Folding chairs - 20 (can be reserved for meetings and block parties)
    • Name tags and markers
    • Cash boxes - 4
    • Bullhorn - 1
    • 5 gallon igloo beverage cooler - 1
    • 19 gallon ice tubs - 1
    • Orange reflective work vests - 10
    • 6' by 2 1/2' table - 2
    • Rooftop number stencils

    Publications Bibliography
    • Building Communities from the Inside Out
    • The California Nonprofit Corporation Handbook
    • Check it Out: Learn the Secrets of Using Publicly Available Sources to Get the Facts...
    • The Citizens Guide to Planning
    • City of Quartz
    • Collect Your Court Judgment: 19 Ways to Get Paid When You Win a Lawsuit
    • "Common Ground: Magazine for Condominium and Homeowner Associations"
    • Common Purpose: Strengthening Families & Neighborhoods to Rebuild America
    • Community and the Politics of Place
    • Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving: Now and Beyond
    • Creating Community Anywhere: Finding Support and Connection in a Fragment World
    • The Death and Life of Great American Cities
    • The Geography of Nowhere: Remaking Our Everyday World for the 21st Century
    • Home from Nowhere: The Rise and Decline of America's Man-Made Landscape
    • How to Make Meetings Work
    • The Impacts of Supportive Housing on Neighborhoods and Neighbors: Final • Report
    • "Including Everyone; Ensuring Neighborhood Organizations Represent the Neighborhood"
    • The Landlord Law Book Vol.2: Evictions
    • Let the People Decide: Neighborhood Organizations in America
    • The Living City
    • Making Cities Work
    • Making of a Drug-Free America
    • Neighbor Law: Trees, Fences, Boundaries and Noise
    • Non-Money: That "Other Money" You Didn't Know You Had
    • "Prerequisites to Power: Six Principles for Building Community Preservation"
    • The Quickening of America: Rebuilding our Nation, Remaking Our Lives
    • Rebirth of Urban Democracy
    • Safe Homes - Safe Neighborhoods Stopping Crimes Where You Live
    • Saving the Neighborhood: You can Fight Developers and Win!
    • The Simple Act of Planting a Tree: Healing Your Neighborhood, Your City, and Your World
    • Streets of Hope: The Fall and Rise of an Urban Neighborhood
    • "Successful Neighborhood Self-Help: Some Lessons Learned"
    • Solving Sprawl
    • The Tipping Point
    • "Traffic Calming: The Solution to Urban Traffic and a New Vision for Neighborhood Livability"
    • What Kids Need to Succeed
    • The Winnable War: A Community Guide to Eradicating Street Drug Markets
    • Wrights Complete Disaster and Survival Manual

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