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  • About Human Resources

    Once referred to as “personnel”, the role and functions of Human Resources have rapidly expanded, partly in response to regulatory requirements affecting employers---to include such responsibilities as equal employment opportunity programs, health and safety efforts, labor relations, more complex and variable benefits programs, specialized training and development, and a range of organizational development, and career planning programs that had not been considered essential in simpler times.

    Listed below are the various strategic and operational roles associated with the management of human resources within the City of Pasadena.  The HR management strategic role emphasizes that the employees are the most valuable resources and they represent a significant investment in the organization. The operational role of HR management is administrative and tactical in nature; ensuring that there is compliance with city policies, equal employment opportunity and other employment laws and regulations.

  • Strategic Role Activities

    • Managing compensation planning and strategies
    • Developing and Implementing Policy
    • Human Resources Planning
    • Tracking evolving employment legal issues
    • Engaging in community activities
    • Assessing workforce trends and issues
    • Assisting in organizational restructuring and development
    • Designing employee benefit programs
    • Managing the Human Resources Information System
    • Succession Planning
    •  Monitoring workforce diversity issues (EEO/AAP) 

    Operational Role Activities

    • Recruiting and selecting for current job openings
    • Budgeting
    • Conducting employee orientation
    • Reviewing safety and accident reports
    • Resolving employee complaints and grievances
    • Negotiating labor agreements
    • Administering a job classification system
    • Training and skill development


  • Mission Statement

    As a strategic partner with city departments, the Human Resources Department seeks to provide our customers with a full range of professional quality services in a timely and cost efficient manner.

    We will actively attract, retain, develop and ensure that each individual has an equal opportunity to succeed in the organization.

  • CalPERS Actuarial Analysis

  • Icon CalPERS Actuarial Analysis

    Presented to the City Council on March 15, 2010

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