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    The City recognizes the occasional need for construction vehicles to be allowed to park in time restricted zones for a period of time longer than posted. To best accommodate this need, a Temporary On-street Construction Parking Permit program has been implemented.

    Please click here for Construction Vehicle Parking Permit.

    What are the qualifications for a Construction Vehicle Parking Permit?

    In order to qualify for a temporary on-street construction parking permit your vehicle must be a construction vehicle or a vehicle used to carry construction equipment and/or tools used for construction and/or maintenance. Please be advised that issuance of a Temporary On-street Construction Parking Permit is subject to review and is a privilege and not a matter of right. In order to qualify for a permit, you must meet the eligibility requirements of the program and submit photocopies of the documents listed below.

    1. A photocopy of a valid City of Pasadena construction permit (building, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc.) or signed contract with the property owner must be submitted at the time of permit issuance. Address on permit or contract must match parking location. 
    2. Permits will not be issued 6 months past the expiration date listed on any City of Pasadena construction permit or signed contract (subject to review)

    Construction workers using their personal vehicles to park at a job site do not qualify for a construction vehicle parking permit.

    Where can construction workers park?

    Construction workers are encouraged to carpool to construction sites and find parking in nearby parking structures and parking lots. If construction occurs in residential areas with parking restrictions, construction workers may purchase Temporary Daytime Parking Exemptions which will allow them to park in time restricted zones for a period of time longer than posted.

    Where can I park with a Construction Vehicle Parking Permit?

    Vehicles must be parked in a space where it is legal to park and within 1,000 feet of the worksite.
    The Temporary Construction Parking Permit SHALL NOT EXEMPT the vehicle displaying the placard from complying with any parking regulation including the following restrictions: “No Stopping” Zones, Handicapped Zones (Blue Curb), “Tow Away” Zones, Fire Hydrants, Red Curb, Taxi Zones, Red Curb for Bus Zones, No Parking for Street Cleaning, Passenger Loading Zones (White Curb), Commercial Loading Zones, and Temporary Parking or Stopping Restrictions. Vehicles may not impede traffic or affect public safety.

    Temporary On-street Construction Parking Permits are not valid on metered streets unless a need to park at a meter has been determined by the Department of Transportation and prior arrangements have been made with the Parking Office for payment of meter fees.

    Temporary On-street Construction Parking Permits are not valid between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.

    What if I need to park my Construction Vehicle at a meter or in a particular location to perform routine maintenance?  

    If you need to park your construction vehicle at a meter to access a home or building to perform annual or routine maintenance please contact the Parking Office and inform them about your need to park at a particular location. Additional fees may apply for temporary no parking signs and meter fees.

    Please keep in mind that in order to secure a particular location, temporary no parking signs will be issued and must be posted at least 24 hours in advance of the requested time and date.

    What is the cost and duration of the Construction Vehicle Parking Permit?

    You may purchase a single day or monthly construction vehicle parking permits. The cost of permits is as follows:

    Monthly Permits are $40.00 per month, per vehicle
    One Day Permits are $20.00 for one day, per vehicle

    Is there a maximum number of Parking Permits that I may purchase?

    No more than 6 permits will be issued to any one qualifying construction address. Renewal permits are subject to review prior to issuance. Additional permits require the approval of the Parking Manager.

    Temporary On-Street Construction Parking Permit Application

  • Holiday Overnight Parking Citation Moratorium

    Please note: Holiday Overnight Parking Citation Moratorium – 2 am to 6 am, from December 23 thru January 3. Vehicles legally parked on the street during the aforementioned hours and dates will not receive a citation for overnight parking. Overnight parking citations will resume being issued the morning of January 4, at 2 am.

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